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I just wanted to take an expressed thought from dad (recently diagnosed with stage IV PC) and ask if anyone has any ideas on it.

Dad was recently discharged from hospital where his fellow ward mates were at various stages of different cancer. I know that dad was very moved by their plight, and since his diagnosis has expressed a desire to 'offer something back'.

I have NO idea how he might fulfil this wish - especially as he himself is very poorly - but wondered if any of you have any ideas? I even wondered if dad could maybe contribute to the 'case study' section of the website or something like that.

I'd welcome any suggestions that I could maybe pass on to him to think about.

Thank you.

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Isnt your Dad super? I think there are probably various ways. This site is a very good starting point. See the links below for ideas. I'm not sure what the criteria is to be a case study but it would be easy enough to find out.




A few of us on here have written to our MPs (myself included) to get them onboard but anything to raise awareness would help.. Even having a discussion about the Corrie storyline to explain why it is so important (my lunchtime today) might help a little.

Ultimately I guess it depends on what your Dad feels up to doing, maybe have a chat with the good people on this site for ideas?

Cathy xx

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