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    • PCUK Ellie
      There's still time to join us on Tuesday evening to learn more about managing diabetes alongside pancreatic cancer.   Register today 
    • Rowland
      Sandyvon: I hope life is going well for you. Thank you for your message and also the link to the academic paper, which I found very  interesting thank you.   Best wishes,   Rowland
    • Sandyvon
      Rowland. Folfirinox, from my understanding, is the gold standard so that is good that is your chemo.   For your information, if necessary,  Modified Folfirinox (75% dose) has also been researched to be effective if there are concerns about the side effects of the standard dose.   https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6247105/   Best wishes. 
    • Rowland
      Sandyvon: Thank you for your reply. As things stand we are remaining positive. The Chemo I will be taking next week is Folfirnox.   Best Wishes    Rowland
    • Sandyvon
      Rowland: There is no doubt that being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer is overwhelming. However, it sounds as if the cancer is only in your pancreas and hasn’t spread.   Do you know what type of chemotherapy that you are to receive?    Best wishes. 
    • Rowland
      I was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer March 2022. After contracting Infectious Gastric problems in February and going to A&E twice. I was due to have the  Wipple procedure in April in May I caught Covid so it was cancelled . A new evaluation proposed Chemotherapy to shrink the Tumour as some blood vessels, were thought too close for surgery at the time. I am due to start Chemo this month . I am 61 and there is just my wife and I so it's very hard on her.    I was found to have type 2 Diabetes in October of last year. I wasn't shown blood sugar testing , prescribed  a 500g metformin a day . I had a bile duct stent put in this year .And told to stop my metformin and my GP's to show me blood testing this it took five weeks to get the help I needed. I am so grateful for the professionalism I have got elsewhere. 
    • Support Team
      Pancreatic cancer is the deadliest common cancer, but it's been neglected by successive government cancer plans.     Now, the Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, has declared a 'War on Cancer', and he's writing a new 10-year cancer plan to back it up.   If enough MPs tell the Health Secretary that pancreatic cancer should be a focus of the new cancer plan, the message will get through.   Will you ask for your MP’s help to make pancreatic cancer a key part of the new plan?   Click here to use our template and email your MP
    • Kerra
      Hi Leah So sorry you're going through this. Your story sounds very similar to mine. My dad was very poorly and had lost so much weight, had ascites in his abdomen and was incredibly weak when he was finally diagnosed in hospital. We prepared ourselves for a couple of  months at the most, but his oncology team started chemo in a palliative capacity. He responded really well and is still with us almost 4 and half years later. We're having some concerns with him now as his cancer has changed, but we are hopeful of more treatment once he's been stabilized again. Don't give up hope! I pray your mum responds well and that you get much more time together xx
    • Kerra
      Hi Floofmon/All   Dad has a permanent drain fitted to his tummy and in the past 4 weeks 20 litres of fluid has been drained off him!   He's far more comfortable for it, and he even got his appetite back for a short while. Unfortunately it didn't last too long and he's now back to eating very little, but he's having some good and some bad days. We are taking each day at a time and awaiting his next oncology appointment to find out whether he can be offered any more chemo or other treatment.   Praying hard that they can - and that if they can't, he doesn't suffer too much pain.   Thanks for checking in xx
    • westlondongirl
      Our journey is finally over.   My then 86 year old Mum started feeling unwell (unknown to me or my brother at the time) in April 2020 just as the first lockdown kicked in.  Although she went to our GP who booked her in for an urgent CT scan with the NHS, when we tried to arrange a date, the NHS said that they were unable to do a scan for months due to Covid.  My father, then 90 decided to pay for a private CT scan, booked late on a Friday for a Monday morning appointment.  This cost just over £1K.  Next day following the scan at 9am our GP was on the phone to Mum to say that she had pancreatic cancer.   Mum struggled for 22 months with chemo, issues with her platelets, sepsis, strokes but she always came out of hospital and was still my Mum.  Sadly at the end of February of this year she started to change, she was confused, couldn’t remember people.  Her last visit to her oncologist confirmed that chemo was over and there was nothing more that they could do for her but organised an urgent MRI to see what was going on with her brain and it turned up she had had a massive stroke.   Mum was admitted to hospital for a further week and when she returned home, although she wasn’t 100%, more 80% she knew who we were.  Sadly the next 10 days she went downhill, every day there was some further issue, whether it was unable to walk, to difficulty in eating, to not eating or drinking, to being unable to talk.  Sadly my Mum passed away at 8.10pm on Wednesday 4 May 2022.  Mum was 88 years old.   Prior to the cancer diagnosis she had been a very fit 86 year old, went to aerobics twice a week, went on holiday walking miles and miles each day, loved gardening, loved life.  Pancreatic cancer led to her becoming a very frail very old 88 year old.  I still don’t know why the NHS scan for bowel, breast and other cancers, but not for pancreatic?  Is it because the majority of people that get this cancer are either in or heading towards the second part of their life?    My father now 92 has had to not only bury his parents, his younger brother now his wife.  My brother and I are doing as much as we can to support him.  I would like to thank the NHS though as without them Mum would have been dead a lot sooner.  At the end of her life, we had the loveliest of carers who actually cared for Mum and shared tears with us when Mum left us.   Her death we're hoping wasn't painful as she had a driver fitted, but my Mum should never had had to die the way she did and I have now signed up to Dignity in Dying.  My Mum’s final few days she had no quality.   I will always love you Mum x  
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