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    • Lornacath
      Dear Mav, sending my love to you and your family, I know how devastated you must be feeling even though it was expected and didn’t want your mum to suffer any more. This is a cruel decease that moves too fast. I felt with my mum we were chasing treatments that were always out of reach. Being with your mum till the end I hope gives you some comfort, you gave her love and support throughout this terrible ordeal. Please take care and know I’m thinking of you xxx  
    • broju
      Hello whykel.  I hope your were able to get your results at last and they were good. Take care of yourself.xx    
    • Floofmom
      Mum is still at home and managing with tablets for now.  The last couple of days she has been struggling with nausea.  She has to take 7 tablets in the morning, 5 at lunchtime, I can't remember how many at tea time, morphine (liquid) twice in the day if she needs it, as well as insulin injections and Creon!  My parents were really disappointed that Boots have stopped doing the daily tablet dispenser packs just when they need them.  The nurse has given VERY clear instructions on what tablet is for when, with written description even including shape, size, manufacturers so hopefully we won't see any mix ups but it makes me wonder.  My parents are in their 80s but fairly with-,it mentally.  How would someone on their own cope? Anyway, we are thankful to be on a plateau again.  I am going down at the end of next week.  Trouble with these plateaus is that you are just always waiting for the next sudden dip on the PC rollercoaster.
    • LacksLipase
      So sorry to read your post. I have only just joined this forum. I also have pancreatic cancer but am 63 so my children are grown. It must be so hard for you with a young child. Sending a virtual hug as one mum to another  
    • LacksLipase
      Hi Lee, I've just joined this site and saw your post. I was diagnosed with a 2.2cm pancreatic cancer in December 2020 and had Whipple's surgery with resection of a section of superior mesenteric vein due to microinvasion. The surgery is major but not as bad as I was expecting, pain control was excellent and I was discharged on day 8. I had gemcap chemotherapy for six months post op and am currently very well. It sounds like your cancer may be more challenging to resect but if it's a possibility I would recommend you seriously consider it. Very happy to answer any questions (if I can!) And wishing you all the best
    • Skippy
      Lee I wish you hope in your journey of fighting this disease. My brother 74 was diagnosed July 2019 and had a similar sized tumour on his pancreas. A fit healthy man non smoker and non drinker. He just turned jaundiced the day before his op. He was given the op of the Whipple procedure and in the operating table by Sept 17th 2019. It was an 8 hr process I was with him on that hospital stay daily and can say he was made most comfortable and he felt very lucky at the opportunity. He didn't complain once apart from progress of a leak from which he needed a drain and eventually that dried up to get home by mid December. He was up walking around very soon after his operation. His strength went upward and onward sufficiently to recover from that operation. Within a month at home he was only complaining of a lumpy scar. We felt sure it extended his life for a good 21 months.  I hope you do find the courage to trust the surgeon and his advice. Thinking of you. 
    • rogs
      So sorry to read your news May888.. My condolences to you and your family.   I've been following your story, and can relate to many of the things you describe - we seem to have shared many parallels in our respective journeys.   I think it was a phrase you used in an earlier post that sums up what so many of us feel, as we have slowly watched our loved ones fade away --   "Pancreatic cancer is a b****  ".   Although our own loved ones are now at peace, let's hope that research into this awful disease progresses more successfully in the future? It is sad to think that so many others will need to go through what we have experienced.   It's such a shame that so little progress seems to have been made on survival rates so far, with this dreadful cancer...  
    • easymark
      After an incidental visit to the hospital last year I was diagnosed with a side-branch IPMN. Due to a history of PC in the family my surgeon wanted to operate as soon as possible. However, I opted for an endoscopy which showed it was benign and surveillance.   My latest scan shows that the cyst has grown from 3mm to 4mm. I've had another endoscopy, the doctor said it looked fine but there may be node. Unfortunately, I will coming out of sedation when he mentioned this so my memory is a bit fuzzy.   I am seeing my consultant for the results of the biopsy soon. I know he will push for surgery again but I'm wondering that my options are?   - Should I opt for 6 monthly checks? - Have it removed?   To add a bit of context I am a wheelchair user and worry about the impact surgery will have on my quality of life.
    • whykel
      Yes your right.. I won't leave it.  I can't wait anymore days.. This is enough. If its been reported on why don't I know this.  I'm sorry to hear about your cancer, but it's good(not the right word) it can be managed with an excellent oncologist.  Have you had an op? 
    • Floofmom
      So sorry to hear your sad news.  Thank you for sharing your journey.  I am glad that you were there at the end.  You stayed with her and looked after her all the way through and I am sure that she knew that and was comforted by your presence.  I wish you well as you start your grieving process and hope that you and your family can give each other support xx
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