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My mum has pancreatic cancer


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Back in 2011, Dec 23rd to be exact, we were told that mum had pancreatic cancer, devastating as you will all know,my mum was the fittest person i knew, walked miles every day, never smoked, hardly drank and ate very healthy so why on earth did she get this horrible disease....Now I thought that as the tumour was in the head of the pancreas she would be able to have the Whipples procedure so I set about researching it, by the time I finished I knew so much I could have performed the operation myself, sadly in the Feb mum was told she would not be able to have the op as the tumour was 4cm (over the cut off size) and had grown around a major vessel leading to her liver, she had already had 2 stents put in and has had a further 2 (so four in total)but she could have chemo which would have given her just an extra 6-8 weeks, my mum took the very very brave decision and said no, she would rather have quality of life than quantity so she was given just 6-8 months. She spent her time instead of being sick and feeling ill from chemo, walking the dog, eating out and visiting family and friends, my family and I from the day she was diagnosed lived each day waiting for the 8th month to come, well it did and then came September and October and my mums 70th,then came Christmas and a year after diagnosis she was still here, still fighting, with the shear determination that she has always had, don't get me wrong, its not all rosey, she's lost loads of weight, is tired all the time and gets very anxious (something she never was) Christmas has come and gone and yes my beautiful mum is still here, for how long none of us know, I just wanted to share my story with anyone willing to read it, I know mum wont be around this time next year and every minute I get to spend with her is a blessing, she is truly a remarkable lady and I am so so proud to call her my mum.

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Hi Helaine

Thank you for sharing your story and telling us about your wonderful mum. How remarkable she is, how courageous and strong - you are obviously extremely proud of her and rightly so. It is so great to hear about those that beat the odds and exceed expectations and it just goes to show that no-one ever really knows what will happen - everyone's experience of PC is truly unique. So happy to hear that your mum has enjoyed and is continuing to enjoy some great times - I am sure she feels happy with the decision she made in the beginning to enjoy living rather than fight dying - I wonder whether there is something in that? I do hope things continue in the way she hopes and that you all continue to enjoy every moment together as a family - you are right - it is a blessing. Thank you again for your hope inspiring story.

Much love



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