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Cars, Paul and me - new book with proceeds to PCUK

PCUK Nurse Jeni

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Peter Bullock has written a book called 'Cars, Paul and me' the proceeds of which with be donated to Pancreatic Cancer UK. A synopsis of the book is below:

'For the past three years, Peter Bullock has been the recipient of some very unfortunate luck with his cars. Many people who have had the experience and inconvenience of chipped windscreens and flat tyres will be able to sympathise with him. However, how many people can claim to have had the bonnet stolen from their car, have a lorry push them out of their lane on the motorway and have to be cut out of their car through no fault of their own?

This book tells the story of such incidents that have befell Pete as he recollects and acknowledges the humorous side of his car nightmares, as did his best friend Paul, who he met at the age of three at playschool. Pete reminisces at his and Paul’s life growing up together and of the car stories that always made Paul laugh.

The problems with the cars were put into context however when Paul, a seemingly fit and healthy 27 year old, passed away only 15 days after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the Summer of 2010. The proceeds of this book go to Pancreatic Cancer UK, an organisation dedicated to research and helping those diagnosed with this disease.'

The book is published online at http://www.lulu.com and costs just £4 to download or £6 plus postage for a paperback copy. The proceeds from the book will be passed onto Pancreatic Cancer UK. If you would like to download or buy a copy visit



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