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pancreatic cancer spread to abdomin


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Hello vasil 

Had an ultrasound scan and they found dilated ducts. 

So 2 weeks ago I had a ct scan with contrast. Apparently didn't show enough. Got to have a endoscopy. 

GP rang 2 days ago and said there's fullness in pancreas 

Radiologists are going to look at my scans imminently but haven't had endoscopy yet. 

So I reckon I'm doomed 

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It would show on a CT, from the CT Lewis had the drs knew what it was they just needed a biopsy to confirm. 

Don’t think your doomed just yet, an endoscopy does not usually show pancreatic cancer so they might be thinking some stones or something causing a blockage. 

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Hello lisa

Thankyou for your reply 

I'm all over the place it's been going for 6 weeks 

I'm scared witless, absolutely beside myself. 

I say I'm doomed it's because when the gp first rang after my ultrasound scan and said about dilated ducts he was talking like it was serious. (you know the quiet voice) 


Then 2 weeks ago I had the ct. He rings Tuesday just gone and says the ct didn't show enough.. 

Then rings yesterday and says the radiologists sill look at scans and decide next steps!! 

Two different things in a few days. 

I haven't had the endoscopy yet..

You read up dilated pancreatic duct and it's not good reading. 

I'm totally lost x





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Also the gp told me yesterday that the hospital will have a multi disaplinary meeting to decide what happens 

Who are the multi people? 

Does this mean that I've got something bad? 


Sorry for all the questions 

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Multi disciplinary meeting is just a meeting of people from various departments, the hospital Lewis was at had a meeting with a London hospital over video chat to discuss the scans and plans etc, so it would be like radiology, specialist nurses, endocrine drs, oncology. 

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Kerry please don't worry. It might turn out something mild or benign. I think endoscopy is used once there is a confirmed diagnosis. My father had endoscopically guided biopsy but diagnosis was made on the basis of CT scan results.

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I haven't had a confirmed diagnosis but they are still doing a endoscopy. 

My gp said the ct didn't show what they were looking for. So that's when he said I have to have the endoscopy 

And said the radiologists are looking at my ct and ultrasound scans imminently.. 

So you can see why I'm so frightened vasil 

So what does that mean? 

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