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Is it possible to have pancreatic cancer after all the test said no?


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I am 21, No one had pancreatic cancer in my family, my grandmother died from stomach cancer only.

I have done CT scan, USG, a couple of times, Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy, many blood and urine tests which showed:

GASTRITIS CHRONICA.REFLUX BILIARIS, GASTRITIS CHRONICA SUPERFICIALIS on Gastroscopy, Nutcracker syndrome on CT scan, which has been proved later on Doppler USG. Blood tests showed high calcium level in blood 10.8, high amylase level in my pee 595, high carbamide level 54.6, and High glucose level 110.

I am suffering from back pain on the sides of my body, stomach pain under and above my naval, recently from diarrhea, fewer feeling, belching, fainting feeling, vomiting feeling.

It gets worse after I am eating oily stuff, so I avoid anything what's oily.

My poop was changing color from brown to light brown.

I was constipating for a month last year.

Now I am having very loose stools which some of those floats on the top, but it is easy to flash them.

Back pain is the worst I have this feeling like something pushing me there near to my spine.

Is it that possible that all the test could miss pancreatic cancer in early stage?

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