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Pancreatic Cancer worry

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Cdcmoon wrote:

> I had a ct scan with contrast yesterday done privately and was told I would

> get result by the end of the week.

Can you let us know once you have the results?

I had an abdominal MRI with contrast last week. All looks good except what I already know (hemangiomas not changing for more than 2 years).

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My scan was clear apart from 2 hemangiomas which I already knew about so I guess I’m off to dieticians reference ibs.

I also have outstanding investigation for polycythemia still on waiting list for this.

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I guess it is a good news, or not?

I also had an MRI recently. Same as you, I also have 2 hemangiomas (1 is about 20mm the other is 12mm, same as 2 years ago), plus I also have an accessory spleen, plus a 4mm cyst on one of my kidney's, but the last 2 is not even mentioned most of the time as they are so small, plus they don't matter at all.

My doc now thinks it could be SIBO related IBS. Well, SIBO also explains all of my symptoms, so that is also a relatively good fit.

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I think so. I don’t have any thing in my abdomen so must be ibs. The polycythemia needs investigating which is high rbc but mine was right at the end of the range not over so hopefully this is just normal for me as it’s been high for around 3 years.

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Well, I just visited my doctor during the weekend. Now he thinks that I might have SIBO. Of course that also explains all the problems that I am having as well as IBS.

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