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recovery after a whipples


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I had a whipples 4 years ago for pancreatic cancer. I was doing well until last September my tummy started to swell no matter if I just had a drink or food.

before the operation I was going to slimming world as when I started in 2011 was a very big lady 17st 7 lb and by 2014 I got to target by losing 7st. but last September I stared putting on weight but I am still a size 12 but my weight is saying I am 13st.

2 months ago I started on the Creon at the moment it is hit and miss weighed my self on last Thursday was 13st and today Tuesday 12st 8 this is what is happening all the time.

I feel so uncomfortable all the time to be honest if I don't have to go out I stay in my night dress all day.

which is causing problems with my hubby as unfortunately he does not do sick people.

I have had breast cancer 20 years ago went through all the treatment and recovered from that but over the years they have found different tumours in various parts of the body but so far all normal just waiting for histology reports from a tumour inside the Vagina.

nothing worries me as I am a strong person.

I have gone through losing my eldest son in February 2012 just 3 months before the whipples.

should I have had the Creon years ago. I got the Creon after I had a conversation with the specialist nurse. she was surprised I was still alive and when I explained my symptoms to her she asked me what dose I was on of Creon I said to her I have never heard of it. the reply was needed to see a dietician and go on the Creon.

cannot tell you what the hospital I was in for the operation, but I can tell you what happened I was in hospital for 3 weeks and when I was discharged I received a letter from the D.W.P telling me I was terminally ill. I rang and asked them what was wrong me and they said I had got 6 months to live and to contact the hospital where I had the surgery.

still nobody told me what was wrong I found out last year when I went to see a locum doctor at my surgery who thought I knew. well they got it all wrong I am still here after 4 years.

but the dietician could not give me any help with what I should eat. does anybody know what I should or not be eating it would be very helpful.

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Gosh Jennie...you've done really well to get to 4 years without creon!! Creon is just replacement enzymes that your pancreas would have been producing...it assists in the digestion of food and the amount you take very much depends on what you eat...if my husband doesn't take enough creon, his stools are pale and floaty as the fat you eat just doesn't get digested (I think that's it anyway)...if he takes too many, he gets constipated...so yes, I think you should have been taking them since you had the whipples, if not before really.

Up until very recently, my husband has been able to eat more or less what he likes, just adjust the creon dose to suit, but I know there are a lot of people who have lots of digestive issues after the whipples op. It's hard to say what you should be eating, because everyone is so different.

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