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Hi third lot of chemo yesterday all went fine full day at the hospital due to waiting for bl0od results waititng for chemo you know the drill, then he decides we are going shopping, then he wants KFC, get back in about 8 last night from being out from 10 in the morning, been in half hour then he says hes shattered (not surprised but who am I to say anything)he goes to bed. Rest at last no, he must have got up every hour on the hour came down stairs * I feel strange am shattered* had a drink back to bed one o'clock this morning I ended up running bath and he laid in bath for an hour said felt better not a peep till 8 this morning. Comes down stairs saying shattered drank a shake drink went back to bed, Got up at one another shake then decides to go in garden to weed........ I shout cap he did take note half our later back in sits down * ive got that pain again, must be Charlie chemo battering hell out of Tommy tumour he says. Well that's not my opinion but who am I, dose of oramorph now taken and hes back in bed. Why don't blokes listen? rant over.

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Thanks Sandra its good to get things of your chest at times, was a toss up between opening a bottle of wine or a can of larger, opted for can just in case im on call as would have finished the bottle x

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Well beloved has just eaten 3 bridge rolls with ham and 2 bakewells with custard, good I here you say and I would be happy but we have a duodenum stent and we are not suppose to eat bread, yes we have been having a bit of bread but nothing like this. Hes now gone to have a sleep but I could scream at him. Going away for a week tomorrow, Dracula town this is 2 hours away from home, his idea so agreed but id rather be at home as I just don't know whats going to happen (7 months since started 6 months from diagnosed I know 6 months is only an estimate but with everything else that's happened !) Iam a tough nut and a good actor but this B is really getting to me at the moment rant over hope every body is ok or as ok as you can be x

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