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Is it worth complaining?

Guest Fifi

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi There,

Welcome to the forums, and sorry that it is in such sad circumstances.

I am so sorry to hear what has happened to your dad.

It is certainly worth writing your letters, as a means to investigating what went wrong, and to highlight the seriousness of this not happening again.

As well as writing to your dad's doctor, did you also write to the practice manager? If not, do you have a copy of the letters you have written? if you do, then it might be a good idea to send one also to the practice manager, so that it can be investigated in a proper manner.

It is clear to see that this has had a huge impact on you, and the outcome for your dad. I would like to offer our support services, should you feel we can be of any help at all. Please do contact us at support@pancreaticcancer.org.uk

I am sure that you will also get plenty of support from the forum family, who are also affected by this disease.

Kind regards,

Jeni, Support Team.

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Hi Leila

I am so sorry you and your dad are having to deal with this terrible disease and can fully understand your frustration and anger towards your dads GP. Obviously not everyone has the same experience but mine was very similar to your dads. I had been backwards and forwards to my GP for over 2.5 years, no ultra sound or CT scan ever offered. I was eventually told I had IBS and that I needed to learn to live with it. I finally received my PC diagnosis via A&E after I collapsed at work.My husband did write a complaint letter to the practice manager and yes they apologised. I also wrote to a solicitor but they refused to take on my case due to PC being extremely difficult to diagnose. I do think Your doing the right thing in writing and asking for your questions to be answered as this will hopefully make sure more awareness training is given which in turn will ensure the next person presenting with symptoms is investigated thoroughly. Sorry I'm ranting on but we hear this time and time again and it makes me so angry. Look after yourself Leila.x

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Hi there,

My mom was the same backwards and forwards for 2 years after constant nagging abdominal pain leading to the back .. it astounds me that she was fobbed off with a virus everytuime she went .. to the point that others thought she just had a low pain threshold...the sudden onset of diabetes was the first clue 2 years previous as well...I would still have my lovely mom with me now I feel if the doctor had really listened to her .. I lost my father to doctors negligence as well and I know how you feel I feel completely cheated and robbed of my beloved parents within 4 years of each other .. my heart is broken and you do feel like just about everyone who has this disease has little chance of surviving more than a few measly mths ... complaining and re-educating is key..I have put up posters in all my local doctors surgeries, I've supplied e-learning modules for re-educating the doctors...and am starting on the hospital scan waiting rooms next..as although my mom had several scans not once did they scan her pancreas...I would love to think that someone sitting in one of those surgeries could be saved by simply looking up and reading a poster..complaining is a must re-education is key.. gd luck honey



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