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    • Thushan711
      @PCUK Ellie Thank you for providing this valuable information. My digestive process has become completely become normal and that could be a reason why my dietitian recommended a lower dose of Creon. From what I understood, even after some time, my pancreas will not perform its intended functions and use of Creon will be a long term thing. I will contact your team, should I require any additional information. Also, if required I can share my experience about the Whipple Surgery and things I did, which worked for me.   @Lori Thank you for sharing your details and information about the pancreas. My surgery was done 2 months ago and that was the first time I have been warded or being operated. With regard to Whipples, I am sure you can handle that and I can share the following things I did which worked for me.    1. Please learn to separate your mind from your body. You are not the best person to deal with what is going on inside your body. Have faith in your Doctors and medical staff and they will do what is needed. But take control of your mind and thoughts. Always maintain a positive attitude and take one day at a time. Without your knowledge, you will come out of this.    2. Dont google too much and look for more info about Whipples. None of the postings give any valuable or positive advise. You and I are not a standard statistic or always have to go by some one else's experience. Take one day at a time. 3. Mobilize. After the surgery, Try to take 2-3 min or longer walks (at least 5-6 time for a day ) and this will help the blood circulation and your wound will heal much faster. After the surgery, you might feel some tightness in your abdomen and walking and other exercises done by the physiotherapist will reduce this faster and you will get over it. the more time you spend in the bed will delay the healing.   if you need to talk or need more info, I can provide my WhatsApp contact. Please let me know. Good luck.
    • Lori
      @Barbie How are you doing now? I have been diagnosed with locally advanced pancreatic cancer and I'm due to start with 6 rounds of Folfirinox, and then see if there has been enough strinkage, and if not move on to chemo radiation therepy. So a very similar journey.   I'd love to here how it all turned out.   Thinking of you, wishing all the best,   Lori x
    • Vasil
      Do you know the name of your Dad's chemo? My Dad had hiccups while treated with Folfirinox but this stopped after he switched to Gemzar Abraxane
    • whykel
      I know I've posted before but..  For someone who suffers from extreme anxiety and I do cognitive behaviour therapy and face to face with a counsellor.  So what I'm saying is I had a endoscopy 3 weeks ago and it said normal but.... I'm so scared of the out patient appointment 25th of August I don't know what it's for  I'm petrified 
    • SarahW
      My Dad started his chemo on Monday. Day 2 he started hiccuping and it is driving him mad. It has stopped for 1.5 hrs max so obviously affects his sleep. Has anyone else had this and can share how they may have gotten around it. The nurse said there are other anti sickness drugs to try. Reading online the dexamethasone or Metoclopramide might be the cause but are there any alternatives to try or alternate with?
    • Lori
      Hi IrnBru,   I should share that the endoscopy I did was all clear, and the ultrasound I did the following week was all clear... even the first CT scan when I was jaundiced in A&E, the Dr missed the pancreatic lesion, he later went back to look and said, 'oh yeah, there is a small lesion on the pancreas'.   It was not picked up until the Dr ordered a CT with pancreas protocol. I know we moved fast, but we lost some time fluffy around assuming because I was so young, 48, it's likely just IBS.   Please push to get to the bottom of what's going on... you are even younger so they may want to make similiar assumptions.   All the best,   Lori
    • PCUK Ellie
      Great reminder from @Lori that everybody is different and what's true for one person may well not be true for you.   It's also good advice about having the confidence to advocate for your health - if you're left with questions, things seem unclear or you're not sure what the next steps are and when they'll happen, please don't hesitate to contact the person in charge of your care.   The specialist nurses on our Support Line are also here if you'd like to talk about your endoscopy report and any anxieties you might have. We're here to support you - you're not alone.
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