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Dad Just Diagnosed


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Hello Tina,

So sorry to hear about your Dad, I know only too well that stomach churning feeling of worry, fear and frustration. You asked about time scales and I can only tell you about my husband's journey. He first showed major symptoms in April this year when he became jaundiced whilst we were on holiday. Hindsight is a great thing, and later on, we realised that previous symptoms of greatly fluctuating sugar levels, abdominal cramps and diarrhoea, going back to summer 2012 were probably PC and not related to his type 2 diabetes or Crohn's disease, that he had since he was 21 years old. An initial diagnosis of probable gallstones, proved to be unfounded, when an attemt at an ERCP to relieve the jaundice, failed. He was very unfortunate, that his liver and kidneys failed at that point, causing a further delay and he ws finally diagnosed on July 19th. with PC. The endoscopic scan showed that the tumour measured 4x3cm and involved the mesenteric artery, rendering his condition inoperable. He was referred for chemotherapy and accepted on a trial, causing further delay in treatment. Unfortunately, he became very dehydrated due to repeated vomiting and was readmitted to hospital a week before his chemotherapy was due to start. He developed an infection at the site of the syringe driver (major hospital care issues) and was just too weak to fight it. He died on 10th. September, aged 61 years. We have been robbed of a wonderful, husband, father and grandfather and our lives will never be the same.

However, if there's one thing I've learned from this forum, it's the fact that PC affects people in different ways. My husband was unfortunate in that he was never well, others are fortunate to have relatively "normal" lives whilst battling PC, but even for some of these, PC has a nasty way of bringing on a final fierce attack. Then there are the success stories which give hope to so many. In fact, my cousin's wife developed PC at the age of 50. She had a successful whipple's more than 10 years ago and is fit, active and very healthy today. I do so hope your Dad will be one of the lucky ones.

Take care,


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Hi Hilary,

For my mom too it was jaundice in april same initial diagnoses of gallstones and encasing the artery as well ... but my mom did have some good spells .. she had 6 bad spells and the last one involved unfortunately the dreaded obstruction which was partial on and off for a while and up until the last week really she was able to fend off a lot of her illness til the obstruction was becoming a full obstruction ... she looked very pregnant with a gas build up her stomach was very distended however reading what other people have written this seems to depend on where the tumor is based as moms liver altho initially affected by the blockage of the bile duct, once the stent was in place she really never had any further problems with that, but I've heard people having lots of problems with the liver...mom got a few water infections as well but she was able to eat most of the time albeit small amounts, lots of trouble with vomitting and a mix of backed up bowels then loose bowels your poor husband sounded like he really went through it bad, at least his awful suffering is at an end for you all .. what a good thing to hear about your cousins wife .. just goes to show if they had MUCH MORE funding early screening would make such a difference xx

Love and hugz



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