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Worse now than before I had the Celiac Nerve Block Injection


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Hi Everyone.

I had the Nerve Block injection on Thursday, the details I will skip over, but it wasn't pleasant. I nearly collapsed when I received the letter from the hospital which said I will be taking the injection via a tube down my throat.....enough said there.

The doctor was very kind and tried to be as gentle as he could, but the injection still took about 30 minutes.

I wasn't anaesthetised just sedated.....enough said about that too. When I came around from the sedation the doctor came to speak to me, but you know what it's like, you simply cannot take in what they are saying, though I'm pretty sure he said all went well. He also said the pain would take about 3 days to completely disappear.

So, I'm now on day 4 and all I can say is, first thing in the morning (4am ish) I could get up and clean the house from top to bottom I feel quite well (erm no, I'm not volunteering do anybody's house) Now, I do take 60mg of MST and 20mg liquid Morph to go to bed with and I'm usually in a great deal of pain by bedtime, having said that, bedtime for me is about 8.30pm. I also find I have to take at least two Paracetamol during the night. So maybe I guess it's no wonder I am feeling okay, but if I don't take the painkillers, I will be in agony.

Getting up is okay, but during the day the pain builds to a Crescendo and becomes unbearable. I really get the feeling it didn't work.

I go to see my Oncologist tomorrow afternoon so I am hoping he will have the notes from the injection doctor and will be able to help me from here. I really do not like the idea of another injection, but if I have to, well I'll have to.

I do for goodness sake wish they would anesthetise you. They used to do years ago, but I've been told cut-backs are to blame....Crikey, here's my card, how much do you want, I'll pay.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and can help me?


Linda x

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What can I say to comfort you - it sounds horrendous but I do hope you begin to feel some benefit soon. I had a key-hole nerve separation operation locally soon after diagnosis at the end of May and can honestly say it was the best thing to have done as I have been virtually pain free ever since. I can still just remember the chronic abdominal pain I had before the op and how it was literally turned off like a tap as soon as I came round from the anaesthetic (no expense spared in Cheshire and North Wales)!!

I cannot understand why this is not available nationally to PC sufferers as the reduction in pain relief medication must surely offset a good part of the cost of the operation quite apart from the benefits it gives to the patient by reduced reliance on pain killing drugs which do bring with them their own problems.

I do hope the injection has actually worked and at least you won't then feel you've been through the procedure for no benefit!

Love and Peace


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Thanks for your reply Mike.

I go to see my Oncologist this afternoon. If I need this procedure again, I am going to demand an anaesthetic. No-way can I go through that again unless I'm knocked out.


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Gosh Linda it all sounds very unpleasant to say the least. I hope by now you are getting some benefit from the procedure and it's not necessary for you to start banging tables, things shouldn't be made so difficult!

Look after yourself lovely lady.

Love Julia x

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