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could I get some advice?


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For the last 2-3 months I have not had any abdominal pain's but prior I would get them twice a month. I started having the cramp's about 3 years ago. Will the cramps come and go or will they be persistent? The pain I experience lasts most of the night but sometimes I get it during the day. I feel so uncomfortable lying on my back and I have to burp to release trapped air. Do these symptoms sound familiar as I have been told by the doctor it is IBS but I can't link any food products to it and I am under some form of stress at times.

If anyone could give me their opinion I would appreciate it alot. I am nearly 40 so I am not sure if that has any bearing?

Thankyou in advance for any advice that will be given.

Regards Mark

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Hi Mark: Welcome to the forum. I was diagnosed with pancan in late May. Like you, I was experiencing abdominal pains from time-to-time and after a ct-scan and colonoscopy, both of which were negative, it was decided to treat as IBS as no other cause could be found at the time. Little did we know then the error of our ways. It took 5 months for the correct diagnosis to finally come down and this at a crisis point when I was transported to hospital by ambulance after another ct-scan finally revealed an unidentified mass which turned out to be Stage IV pancreatic cancer with one metastasis to the lower abdomen (which, with treatment, is no longer there).

Mark, this is serious stuff and if there's the least possibility your problems are NOT IBS and something else the delay in treatment could be pivotal. I would consider a second opinion and proceed from there. Or, ask your physician to rule out pancreatic cancer especially.

There is a blood marker called the CA19-9 marker which is an indicator of the possibility of cancerous activity in the system somewhere. That might be a good place to start and inexpensive compared to the other test(s)/scans. As I'm relatively new to this world perhaps others might add from their own experiences.

Cheers, Mike

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Hi I would echo Mikes words, but also add that a call to the nurses on the support line (see the home page for the number) is well worth while. What's the worst that could happen, mild sheepishness if it doesn't turn out to be PC vs potentially an unusually early diagnosis and best chance of effective treatment if it is?

Good luck with getting checked out.



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Hi Mark and welcome

Early diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer is shamefully rare as it is so difficult to spot and symptoms so similar to many much commoner causes.

Never too early to be pushing for a second opinion and more tests to eliminate the possibility as most of us on here probably had already moved to the inoperable stages before diagnosis.

Alas Jack Andraka's ground-breaking work in the USA on a cheap and early test for the illness is likely to be many years in trials and testing when to many people it would seem sensible to "shoot first and ask questions later" as it appears to be a very cheap and non-invasive way of indicating that PC is probably present.

Good Luck! In all likelihood you have one of the less serious illnesses presenting your symptoms but if, God forbid, you do have PC you can be sure all of us here will be only too willing to support you all the way!

Love and Peace


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Thanks for the support both Mike's and Sarah,I appreciate it alot. I will be in touch with my doctor again to speak to them specifically about pc and Washington Mike mentioned the marker to test for so I will push for it. How does one ask for a second opinion because you are always booked in to see your same doctor? Do you request to see another doctor at the same surgery?

Once again thankyou for responding and I will keep you abreast of any developments.

All the best for your journeys! Have you done any research on cannabis oil for fighting your uninvited guests? Just a thought as I saw something on the net while doing some research for a dear friend of mine.

Regards Mark

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PCUK Nurse Dianne

Hi Mark,

I noticed your post on the Forum. Please feel free to email (support@pancreaticcancer.org.uk) or phone us (020 3535 7099) and I would be happy to answer any questions or talk to you about this further. It is far easier to discuss your concerns and a good systematic approach of appropriate assessment. I am also able to guide you in investigations that your GP could undertake for you if that would be helpful.

Please do not hesitate to be in contact.

Kind regards,


Support nurse.

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