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Anyone taken these?


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Macmillan nurse recommended to my hubby,s Dr that he take these capsules they are called Gabapentin collected them from chemist now hubby don't want take them says already taking to many drugs ! nurse said they would help with the pain he is getting on left side of back and that the pancreas could be pressing on some nerves any advice please . Hope this is the right board for this question .

EmmaR .

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Hi Emma,

My husband started these on Wednesday , they are working really well. They work well alongside opiate pain killers (ie morphine) and they are for neuropathic pain (nerve pain. )

My hubby is already on slow release morphine and has been having oramorph fr breakthrough pain in increasing amounts. Gabapentin take a couple of days to kick in but he is already taking less oramorph.

Hope that helps

Bee xx

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Thanks Bee,

thats reassuring to hear hubby did say ask them on that forum of yours ! polite in he , so i shall now report back to him :)

EmmaR x

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The first time my mom was given different drugs for a different type of pain, I was kind of the same ... but buscopan along with fentanyl patches targeted different types of pain .. its amazing what drugs are out there ... the buscopan was for a colicy type pain wherein her stomach was spasming due to a partial blockage .. they were amazing :D

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Hi Emma

Well as he's been a bit rude about us you could give him my view that one definition of madness is taking professional advice and then ignoring it! Seriously I can understand his reluctance to be taking yet more damned tablets but if he's in pain then surely worth a try. Looks like you've had some excellent reassurance from others who have more experience of the various pain relief options that are now available and hope you can use these to convince him of the benefits.

Love and Peace


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