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I was on BBC Radio Lancashire Thursday


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I did a telephone interview at 8:15am *yawn* Thursday morning. By all accounts it came across quite well and I feel I got my point across, but there was so much more I could - and wanted - say. I'll post the link if anyone would like to listen.

Just click on Listen Now.

When the little screen comes up move your curser along the time line to 2 hours and approx. 21 minutes and then my piece will be on a couple of minutes later along with the lady from PCUK.


Linda x

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Wow Linda,

You star *

I've just listened to you!! (very naughty as I ought to be working) You came across brilliantly - very moving but very strong!!

Well done - I'm really impressed! It was a really good interview.

Cathy xx

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PCUK Nurse Dianne

Hi Linda,

I also listened to your presentation, and I think you did an excellent job. Well done, and I am sure it is not easy to 'relive' all those memories on live radio. It is difficult enough to be interviewed or present something at the best of times, however when it is an emotive issue like this and on live radio, certainly a great achievement. So congratulations and you should be proud of yourself.

Thanks for being part of Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month and helping us in fighting this disease.


Support Team

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