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Waiting for Marathon news


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Hi all

I'm beside myself today waiting to hear whether I have been successful in gaining a place in the Virgin London Marathon 2014 running for Pancreatic Cancer UK. The post probably will not come until after I've left for work, so just wanted to share my extreme excitement and anticipation.

I know it's very difficult to gain a place but it means so much to me I will be ecstatic if I get it.

My partner and I were both unsuccessful in the ballot, and he doesn't know I've applied for a charity place so I can't even tell him why I'm watching the letterbox like a nut case.

If I'm back later with the news I'm wishing for then I will be delighted to share with you all.

Has anybody heard yet?


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Hi Thriae,

Congratulations on getting a place to run for Pancreatic Cancer UK, we are pleased you'll be part of our team.

Yes you can post links to just giving here. And feel free to share information about how your training is going etc

Good luck with it all!

Best wishes,


Support Team

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Great news and Good Luck with your training. Ned Ludd here managed to post a link this morning but it didn't seem to appear as an actual hyperlink so anyone wanting to connect probably had to copy and paste it into their browser. I'm sure other techies will know better and look forward to your link when you've got it up on here.

Love and Peace


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Thanks guys - and thank you to the fundraising team. I am so very excited and grateful to be able to do this.

I telephined dad last night to tell him my news - he had no idea I was even doing it (he struggles with remembering who is who at the moment so didn't want to overload him with info while I was waiting to hear) but for the first time in the last couple of weeks he sounded like he grasped what I was saying and sounded genuinely happy.

After that I went off to zumba for an hour of cardio agony :) and when I checked my JustGiving page I had several donation and really lovely messages from friends going back to when I was at school, and my parents' neighbours - even one of my sister's ex boyfriends. That really brought a tear to my eye.

Every bit of (emotional) support is much needed and appreciated.

If anyone here feels they would like to support Pancreatic Cancer UK by donating in support of my Marathon my Just Giving page is here:


Thank you all so much.

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KATB how is your training going? Well done you! 10k is the most I've run to date and right now I couldn't manage it!

Marie - thank you!

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Hi Aimee, well done! I have made a small donation. Something tells me I will be doing a lot of this in the future! lol

Best wishes to all your family,

Julia x

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Julia, thank you for your generosity. I just got the notification. Thanks too for your kind message. I'm sorry that it is such sad circumstances that have brought us both here, but thank you.

I will say this only once so as not to sound like a stuck record, but I will run with all of you in my thoughts.

Much love x

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