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One expensive mistake


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I think I wrote about a holiday Steve (hubby) and I hoped to take for my 60th birthday which was supposed to be in New York, then out of the blue I was informed I had DVT, so had to cancel the trip of a lifetime. Fortunately, all but £7 we have received every penny back from the cancelled trip so ....phew !

I was determined we would go somewhere after all 60 years is somewhat a milestone birthday, but why oh why didn't I listen to Steve? We decided to go to Euro Disney on the Euro Star train....fantastic journey, just 2 and a half hours from London straight into the resort....why can't Britain have a railway system like that? Anyway, I digress.

We've been to Euro Disney before when our daughter was 10, but we went as a full family unit paid for by my in-laws in the year 2000, then we flew, so we sort of knew what it was all about and they have built a new park since 2000, so even though Steve kept saying "Are you sure you're going to be well enough to go" I persisted.

First couple of days; fine. Then I started with stomach pains, because of course you fill up at breakfast time, then skip lunch, then teatime is early, then by the time it comes to going to bed you're hungry again.

With being diabetic I need to take small meals regularly....oops. I didn't feel well at all, but I was determined to try and enjoy the stay (7 days) even though when I had my photo taken with Skeleton Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas and he said ....quote "Oh my dear (patronising so & so) you look awfully pale, you certainly won't need to dress up for Halloween you will scare people as you are" ......I was going to swing for him, but I resisted and Steve was pulling me away at the time.

Steve kept saying "We'll stay in the hotel and read" but we hadn't gone all that way to sit and read, I can do that at home.

Then when I thought it couldn't get any worse, I contracted food poisoning on the Wednesday night Thursday morning....brilliant. We'd been to the hotel restaurant's all you can eat buffet and whilst the food was kept cool, it wasn't kept cold, plus the cheese board was open to the elements with no dome to cover them. So I feel it was either the smoked salmon or the Camembert cheese which caught me in the end. I just took to my bed Thursday and stayed there.

I didn't bother with a doctor as we were going home the next day, but I did report it to the hotel.

So Happy Birthday to me, it wasn't....well it was because I received some beautiful presents and cards, but it did mar the occasion a little, but been there, bought the T-Shirt (you would not dream of buying at home) so now I am just about coming around and thanks to Jeni and Dianne's advice my stomach is getting better.

Will I learn? Will I heck.

Linda x

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Dear Linda

Thank you for sharing this with us! I have this vision of a crazed English lady full of grit and determination about to lamp skeleton Jack !!!

It's a shame that the event had a few low points for you (understatement I am sure) but I hope the high points made up for it ! Like you said, will you listen? no of course you won't ! such things are miniscule in comparison to what you are facing on a daily basis ... I say well done for trying !

I hope that since you returned home things have settled a little in the tummy department !



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Oh Linda...you poor lady! Sorry to hear you had such a rough time but I must admit your story did bring a smile, not that I was smiling at your misfortune, but I've hit a bit of a brick wall today and it did cheer me up.

Take care,


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