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Some advice please


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Had op last June and body and tail of pancreas removed along with spleen by RXX at XX . Completed 6 courses of Gemcitabine/Capcitabine recently at XX under XX and scan shows residual tumour has started growing again, bugger. Going to have another 3 courses of same regime and then we'll see what's what. Possibility of different regime if this ineffective. Feeling quite low at the moment and open to any advice on what to do. Interested in thoughts about complementary medicines and dietary ideas, what should I eat/not eat etc. Thanks for any advice.

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Hi Jonathon

Sorry to read about this recurrence. My Mum had her whipple in Jan 06 with recurrence lat the site of the op ast year again around Jan! Mum was treated with more Gemcitabine which shrunk the tumour and then she had a few rounds of radiotherapy. She had an appointmnet with the Onc last Friday and her CA19.9 is back down within the normal range so I would just suggest you stay hopeful and take whatever treatment they offer to you. However, it might be worth seeing if they can add other drugs to your chemo combination as it has come back. I ahve read that it can become resistant to certain chemos over time! I don't think many centres here in the UK bother with radiotherapy but our Onc decided to give it a try. Hang on on there. Mum is now over 3 years post whipple and is doing really well so just don't give up and keep fighting.

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Hi Jonathan

So sorry to read about your situation. My husband is worried the same thing may be happening to him (had whipple last year, now having some probs). Should know more by next week.

I was starting to worry, after being strong all the way through his illness, but I was SO heartened to read Claire's post about her mum. To hear of someone who is 3 years post-whipple is great! I wish we had more reports on here of people who had done that well.

Jonathan, we should take Clare's advice and keep hoping and fighting. If my husband's scan shows a recurrence, that's what I will do. Good luck to you, and to Clare's Mum.

Best wishes



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Good luck to both of you Johnathan and Ellie's husband. I hope my Mum's story can give you both hope that this disease can be treated. Mum seems to be responding well to treatmnet so far and is also able to ahve a relaly good quality of life. So keep fighting for as long as you can. I knwo the idea of recurrence is scary but again if it is caught early it can be treated. Thinking of you both.

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Support Team

don't forget the experiences on the Pancreatic Cancer UK web-site


some seem to prefer to provide their input that way rather than through the forum

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