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Hi J t. Keith has got a pulminary embolism and is giving himself daily injections for that. The doctor didn't test for anything else after he noticed Keith's legs were swollen or suggest anything as to what may be causing it.

After 4 days on the anti biotics he has no more pain in his chest but is still a bit breathless. One good thing that has happened is that for months he has got up to go to the toilet 2 - 3 times a night and for the last 2 nights he hasn't had to get up to urinate at all. Could the anti biotics have cured something else?? :lol:

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Well Keiths pain in his chest and his breathing got worse. Went back to our GP and saw a different one. He said that it sounded like the classic symptoms of Angina. Has contacted a cardiologist and we are waiting for an appointment. Meanwhile he put Keith on beta blockers. Within 2 days the change was unbelievable. No more chest pain, breathing almost back to normal. Amazing.

Today Keith had his 3 month scan. The doctor said that his cancer was "stable" and had not increased but that the lymph node cells seemed very slightly reduced but so slight that it could not be measured. I was disappointed at first - I wanted to hear that the cancer was shrinking.

Slowly it started to dawn on me - it hadn't got any worse.

In 3 months it hadn't increased so that would mean 3 more months to live.

So that was good news.


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Hi Arlene

That is FANTASTIC news. PC is difficult to treat so stabilised is a positive result. I know what you mean about wanting things to reduce but just staying the same is to be celebrated! So I hope you are! :)

Jonathan started beta blockers himself after he got admitted to a&e with a suspected infection early on They found an irregular heart beat and gave him beta blockers and he found them really helpful.

So, lots of positives I think?

Very pleased for you. :)

Lots of love

Cathy xx

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Hi Arlene as Cathy says a GOOD result, AND a little shrinkage to nodes AND beta blockers doing a good job!

I am really pleased for you both, these are all positive things.

Keep on keeping on!

Julia x

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Hi Arlene

Insomnia meets Test cricket from Oz so here I am at this unearthly hour.

Just to wish you and Keith all the good news you deserve and to hope that he continues to be stabilised and other problems helped by the Beta blockers.

You've probably seen on other threads that my time on the trial has been ended by a small rogue lesion on my lung that had grown at a faster rate than the trial protocol allows. Some regrets but the glass is nearly full in my eyes as I feel pretty well, continue to put weight back on and the main tumour and other lesions all still stable. Meeting up with my GP as soon as I get home from Lanzarote to discuss strategy going forward but now trial tablets jettisoned I'm down to just the one Omeprazole each day and my Creons plus my daily injection of Tinzaparin so pretty happy to be fairly drugs free although of course my Gemcitabine chemo continues on a weekly basis.

Today I had a call from the trial lead nurse who wanted me to endure another day at the Eye Hospital for tests but as I'm no longer on the trial tablets and only went through this on Monday I politely declined although I told her I was happy to have the mugga scan on my heart they also wanted as that is always so well organised.

We'll keep this pestilence at bay for as long as we can! I've got a trip to the Dordogne booked for early April alongside loads of other things I'm looking forward to. Tempting fate I know but it' got to be done if you want to stay sane and positive!!

Love and Peace


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