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6 months post op


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Hi all

I have been following everyone's stories online and thought I'd just update on how my husband is getting on.

Amazingly enough yesterday was 6 months since his whipples and I have to say he is looking good!Digestion will always be an issue but we now know to avoid fatty meats or pay for it the next day!!hes getting to grips with his diabetes,neither of us realised how blood sugars seem to be affected by everything!hot weather,a cold,stress,the obvious-sneaky piece of cake!!!

Tomorrow will be his 3 month scan,3 months since his adjuvant chemo and then the wait for results..........

In the meantime Mick and his football team have decided to do a 20 mile pub challenge/walk for pancreatic cancer uk this Sunday so we are hoping it stays dry!not sure if he will do the full 20 miles and obviously won't be drinking but know he can sit down!!

If you want to look at his Just giving page this is the link-hopefully if this works!!!




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Hi Sue,

I know that hearing that Mick is even attempting a 20 mile pub challenge 6 months post op. will be a huge inspiration to my husband Paul, who is still recovering from his op. Hope you have good weather and a fun day,


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Hi Nikki

Mick had 2 lots of Folfirinox chemo round about 10 week op which set him back he's around 12 weeks post chemo now the improvement was gradual we based his recovery on a week by week basis rather than day by day.He was a very fit 42 year old on diagnosis in October and I'm convinced his fitness has stood him in good stead.weve always walked everyday and he is up to his normal (fast ) pace again!10 weeks is early days after such a massive operation,staying positive is the best medicine!

All the best



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Hi Sue, you would recall my interest in the Germany option some time ago. I have now finished chemo plus chemoradiotherapy and appear to remain inoperable (under review with confirmation hopefully tomorrow). It is great to hear Mick is doing so well, though it is obviously a slow process. I will be sending my CT scan to Heidelberg if the operation locally is declined. If the operation cannot happen, Nanoknife is my next option. Wish Mick good luck on Sunday and I hope the sun shines for you all.

Take care


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PCUK Nurse Dianne

Hi Sue and Mick,

Congratulations on such a great effort, I am sure it has not been an easy journey. On behalf of all at PCUK we wish you and all supporters a great day on Sunday, hope the weather is not too hot or too cold, and trust you have a memorable day with some fun and laughter as well.

Good luck to all and enjoy the walk.

Best wishes,

Dianne & Jeni,

Support Team

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