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I had to laugh


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Hi everyone,

Just felt I had to share this with you, but I'm hoping it comes across and it wasn't a case of you having to be there.

My daughter - when she is home from Uni - always comes with me to my chemo sessions and yesterday - Friday 19th was one of those days.

As we were travelling back home in her car she said to me "Mum, do you realise all you cancer patients seem to be playing a game of Top Trumps with who has the worst cancer?" I really didn't know, I thought I was just having a conversation with the other patients, I absolutely piddled myself when my daughter (who is 21) described what was said.

Example of conversations........

P = Patient

P1. "Well I have lung cancer".

Me. "Well mine is in my Pancreas, but it's a rare one".

P1. "Well, mines spread into my liver".

Me. "Well, so has mine".

P2. "Well, mine is now in my back bone".

Me. "Oh dear, well a XX (not naming names) Specialist Cancer Unit, only gave me one year to live".

P2. "Oh how awful, how old are you? I'm 84".

Me. "I'm 59".

P2. "Oh, I'm older than you"...... :-/

P1. "I won't see a year out, because I'm still smoking so why bother".

Me. "Well, you should stop smoking, I don't smoke".

And so it went on competing against each other as to who had the worst cancer, but I didn't realise it until it was pointed out to me....think I'll keep it down a bit from now on. My daughter says she's collect pieces for a Stand Up Comedy Act.


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Jonathan relayed a similar story after one of his chemo sessions where 2 older ladies were chatting with lady 1 repeatedly telling lady 2 that she was "terminal". After being told that numerous times lady 2 said "well I'm terminal too!". Lady 1 looked most put out and it was all Jonathan could do to stop himself chirping in "Well I'm even more terminal"...

He didn't.

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