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Thankful mum.


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When I was diagnosed with PC in 2011 I asked my consultant if I would still be alive to see my son graduate in 2013 and obviously he couldn't answer me and i truely beleived i wouldn't be. Well its July 2013 and my youngest has finally finished five years of hard slog and is now a fully qualified vet - I'm soooo proud and thankful to still be here.

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Magic! My youngest graduates next week and our feelings mirror your own. She is doing another year to get her Masters and I determined to be around for that one as well!

There is some good news out there as well as the trials we all face.

Enjoy your day!



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You've given me hope that I will still be around in 2015 to see my daughter graduate.

Well done and may you live many more years.

Linda x

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Folks, you are all amazing!

Well done all, and such a lovely end to the week, with some happy news! Linda, Steve, Sue et al, have a great weekend!


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Hi Sue and all,

I'm in Greece with Jonathan on our hols so not on line much (we're having a super time btw) but have read your post and wanted to add my congratulations to the new vet and support to you and to all of you from the pool side.

Loads of love. Wish you were all here etc

Cathy xx

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