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Charities coming under fire


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On the BBC news this morning was an article regarding some Charities who are putting people under pressure to give more money by cold calling and actually advising people how much the charity feel should be contributed.

Apparently, the public complaints have doubled over the last few months about some charities almost bullying people into giving more contributions.

It's that fine line between smaller charities completely relying on public contributions and some of the larger charities who do tend to dominate the market (this is just my opinion).

I have had first hand experience with regard to cold calling by a major charity and I will admit, the lady who called me was very intimidating and when I ended the call - though she wanted me to donate a definite percentage of my wage before she would let me go - I wrote to the charity and complained to which the charity didn't feel I was just in my complaint..... I was appalled so I cancelled my donation.

I often wonder at how generous the UK public can be. Every other year there is Comic Relief or Children in Need and each time the total contributions are very often in the millions.....how do they do it? I suppose this is were other charities feel 'left out' when these events take place as no-way can they compete, but to alienate the UK public by bully tactics in cold calling etc will not endear the public to being generous it will have the adverse affect.

The charities commission need to nip this in the bud before it becomes out of hand.

I wonder what the answer is? Should the government take more control over contributions given by the public? Should a percentage be taken out of wages (like tax contributions)? Is there a fair share of money given to charities? Should the government contribute much more money into research so the charities would not have to rely so heavily on contributions from the public?

It's something that needs sorting out otherwise the generous public will become much less generous then were would groups like ours PCUK be?


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Interesting Linda.

I've often thought there are too many charities! I mean by that, that there are several for breast cancer etc and lots in memory of people. All very good but do think it would be more efficient and economic if there was ONE charity per cause. I'm sure a lot of money could be saved and the public would know exactly where their money is going.

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