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More money thrown at IVF


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On this morning's BBC breakfast news, there are now proposals for couples to be able to 'introduce' a third person to help them have a baby which could be disease free.

Okay, I think I maybe simplifying things here and yes, whilst I agree to have a child is special (I had problems conceiving, fortunately a few hormones helped me; though it still took me seven years, so my daughter is my life and very special to us) and certainly to have a child who would potentially be 'disability' and possibly 'disease' free is truly a miracle.

Yes, years down the line, the NHS would benefit from children who become adults without diseases or disabilities .....what a wonderful thought ......where was this when I was born?

My thoughts are so.... most Councils / NHS Trusts spend on average £25.8 million EVERY MONTH on all aspects of medical care, but Councils / NHS Trusts also spend an EXTRA £1.3 million EVERY MONTH on IVF treatments..... I'm sure these figures rise considerable in the London areas.

Tell me again....how much money is injected / funded into finding an early test for Pancreatic Cancer?


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I sent a letter to my MP about pancreatic cancer funding. I've had a reply from his secretary so I know it's been received but still awaiting his response.

People don't seem to know or care anything about PC - until it's knocking on their door, and of course I'm guilty of that too. I do lots of oncology work and it's all breast, colorectal, myeloma, melanoma - oh and absolutely tons on diabetes as well.

We all need to get shouting about it.


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Hi Kate

Would it be possible to see a copy of your letter to your MP?

Not intending to crib (ahem) but my local MP is great and a bit of an up and coming mover and shaker. She has intervened a couple of times on our behalf when we have had problems locally and has asked to be kept updated on Jonathan's care. I'm sure she'd do what she could to help.


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PCUK Nurse Jeni


Thank you all for this, and what is great to see is that there are many passionate people out there, who are questioning the attention given to this disease.

Kate - I agree with your statement about "shouting" about it. Yes, people are indifferent towards this until it is "up close and personal". What we need are people like you, and us, to tell others about it, the unchanging survival statistics, the lack of research funding etc...(the list goes on). We do hear a lot about other cancers. We are tackling the nihilistic attitudes towards this cancer, because as long as this exists, then progress will be slow.

So, do please continue with all that you guys are doing. Blog it, tweet it, FB it - whatever you can to help.

Keep the foot on the gas!


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