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Good news so far!


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Well today was scan result day ( gulp as cathy would say ). Good news in that after 12 cycles of folfirinox the tumour in the pancreas has shrunk yet again - Yaaay. However then told that the wrong type of scan had been ordered. Should have been an MRI not CT as although the pancreas showed up beautifully on a CT the liver does not. I guess this must be true as when first diagnosed Bob has 2 CT scans and was told his liver was clear when in fact it was not!. Now waiting for MRI. Anyway it would seem that surgery is not going to be an option as he could have a whipples which is a fairly nasty operation only to find that the secondaries have returned and then be too weak for chemo so the plan is to scan him every 3 months and if there is a change for the worse to resume chemo. Contaiment is key. Hopefully the MRI will also show an improvement and hope I am right in thinking that is one area has shrunk then so must the other? Bob has had the pic line out ( another Yaaay ) and will be rested for at least 3 months. Fingers crossed his taste returns and the horrible coldness and tingling to hands and feet disappears.

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Hi, that's fantastic news about the shrinkage. I have no idea if one shrinkage correlates with another but fingers crossed it does and you can now have a long period of stability. I am sure you have had a very emotional and exhausting day, really pleased some good news is out there x

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a big fat !!!WOWSER!!! Karen. What fabulous news, you both must be SO pleased.

How wonderful to get rid of the picc and have a blissful 3 months off. Hoping the MRI backs up the CT.

so, so pleased for you both!

Julia x

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Awww Karen.. that is such good news to hear!! Annoying about the scan and needing a further wait but I remember you posted before that the liver meds had shrunk so no reason why not.

Also I am sure that you will see a reduction in tingling.. Jonathan didn't have the oxylaplatin last time and his tingling has much much reduced already. I think he might even miss it LOL

Have an absolutely fantastic well earned break won't you. Let us know how you get on :D


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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Really wonderful news Karen - very pleased for you both.

You have both endured a lot, so how wonderful to have some good news, to make it all seem worthwhile. Enjoy the break!

Jeni and Di.

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