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I joined yesterday's live chat along with my Daughter and Wife and found it really useful. The format is a little less formal than the discussion boards and as serious or light-hearted as you may wish it to be. The very capable ladies from PCUK were quick to answer any questions thrown at them and the hour went very quickly. The only issue is that we were the only participants! Can I urge my fellow forum contributors to give it a try as it is different from the discussion boards with the whole dialogue being erased after the event.... It is sometimes good not to be quoted in the future!

If you are able, pease join future events as PCUK are really keen to make these sessions work and make a difference for us.

Take care all


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Steve I was so annoyed with myself as I fully intended to join in but got distracted by dinner time and spending a bit of time with the kids (I have 3 boys - 12, 10 and 8 ) and when I came to the laptop to check emails I realised I missed it as it was gone 9pm :cry:



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Unfortunately we were out last night as otherwise we would have been there.

If we can do the next time we will definitely take part.

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I ran in and ran out again! I got stage fright lol. Mind you Ray wasn't tip top so I gave all my attention to him this time. Maybe next time.

Glad you and your family found it useful Steve.


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Wish I'd remembered about the live chat Steve. By the time I'd got home from work, cooked tea, watched coronation street ( no accounting for taste! ) and put the laptop on it was too late!!! Really annoyed with myself. Next time lets all remind each other

Take care all xxx

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It was my first time using the live chat and I have to say I found it very helpful! We were able to discuss quite a few topics in the hour as it was live and this also meant that any questions I asked were then answered pretty much straight away by Jeni or Dianne. Learnt quite a bit in one hour!

It was also very relaxed and informal. I didn't chat the whole way through, just here and there whenever I felt I had something to add or ask. At the same time, Jeni and Dianne are great at making sure you feel part of the conversation, asking how I was etc.

I'll definitely be taking part in any future live chats, although, as much as I love chatting to my Mum and Dad (Steve), it would be nice to chat to a few others as well next time! I have to admit I haven't posted on the forum before but the live chat has encouraged me to do this more. Hopefully will speak to you all soon!

Holly xx

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Thanks Steve, Thanks Holly.

Yes, Julia, I did see you dipping in and out! Bless you - please do not be frightened at all! As Steve said, it is just a different format and atmosphere. Thanks to all of you who said you wished you could have joined in. Hopefully, we will get to chat to you the next time - 13th May 2013 - 8-9 pm.

Kind regards all,


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