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told tumour could be resectable after chemo?


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hi there

My lovely MIL finally saw her surgeon today who confirmed at present the tumour is not operable. However, he was very positive and said that radical chemotherapy could shrink the tumour and therefore he could then operate. the tumour is in the head of the pancreas about 4 x 4 and touching the main artery and vein but not going through it. It has not spread according to the last CT scan. He said we need to now get the oncology referral and biopsy confirmation and he said to have Gemzar and something else, I cant recall now, my husband has the notes. He said as she is fit and well othewise she could handle an aggressive approach and the treatment may shrink it. If it does he would definitely operate. She has had a stent put in this afternoon to help her jaundice and her eating and they have also prescribed her Creon so we are hoping she can put some weight back on and be more comfortable. Any advice on chemo or tumour shrinkage, would be much appreciated. We dont know what to expect with chemo, are the side effects that bad, hair loss being sick etc? Do you take steroids along side it?


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Hi there - this is excellent. Really happy for you and your mother in law. Am sure Jeni will be emailing with lots of useful information but wanted to just say that this all sounds really positive. I am sure, despite the tough chemo regime, your MIL will be monitored closely and they will not allow it to become too much for her. Do keep us posted but I am sure I am not the only one who will be keeping everything crossed that the chemo does the job.

Lots of love



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