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second opinions


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PCUK Nurse Dianne

Thank you for the post asking about second opinions.

Yes it is within your rights to ask for a second opinion, and in most cases the Consultant you have seen in the first instance would not have an issue in referring you onwards. I will email you some further information about how to go about this, and the information you will require.

Hopefully you will find the email helpful.

Kind regards,


Support Team

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Hello - how are you getting on?

I haven't been posting lately and only looking in now and again.

I see you are seeking a second opinion.

Are you contemplating surgery for the IPMN?

It's nearly two years now since I had the Whipple and more than three and a half since the

distal pancreatectomy and splenectomy. As you know, both of these were to remove IPMN's.

I think I have coped well and have updated my story on "Real Life Stories".

Let me know how you are - I will keep looking in.

Best wishes,


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Hi Anne

good to hear from you, and that youre doing so well :D

Im not sure what to do realy about second opinion. It feels a bit like hobsons choice to have surgery and long recovery etc or carry on monitoring and have surgery later.

realy scared they wont catch it before it changes and becomes stage 2 etc, but they dont seem worried by this. Id love to be confident in theyre aproach 24/7 as they have so much experience with this horrible illness...but its my first time and i cant help being scared. like i have a cloud over my shoulder just waiting to catch me off gaurd. maybe im being over dramatic i dont know. but i know you will apreciate what i mean, having been through this your self.I seem to go a few days feelin kind of okay, then it'll flare up...lots of pain steatorea itching etc and then i think will it resolve this time or is it changing.

you take care anne, and thanks for posting x

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