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The Simply Lovely Tea Party


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When my husband Gary died in April, I was humbled at the support and love I received from friends and family, work colleagues, as well as neighbours and even local shopkeepers who knew him. People were shocked and saddened to hear of his diagnosis, being just 45 at the time and at 6 foot 3, a big, strong man who looked so healthy. People just wanted to DO something to show how much they cared, to acknowledge that his courageous struggle had touched them. At his funeral, we raised over £1,000 which we donated to PCUK. In the weeks that followed, people still wanted to show their support and I forwarded money on to PCUK through Gary's muchloved.com website. A close friend who is a rather wonderful cake baker decided to host a tea party and on August 26th friends and family gathered to drink tea, eat cake and chat. Nothing spectacular, just a simple tea party in a garden in the West Midlands and again people were so generous and we raised £480. The total raised in memory of my wonderful husband now stands at over £2,400! I am so proud to be able to donate this to PCUK - a wonderful source of support, of inspiration of hope and of comfort. Love and strength to everyone effected by this dreadful disease - hopefully we can one day beat it!



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oh deb, what a lovely feeling that must give you, that your gary, thru you, has raised so much money, well done xx

hope your feeling reasonable deb ? love and best wishes laura xxx

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi Deb,

You are an incredibly inspirational woman, and you are to be congratulated for taking the focus off yourself and putting it onto others, as ever.

Thank you so very much for raising such an amazing amount of money for us. We are very grateful.


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