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Jamie at home party


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Hi everyone,

Last night I held a Jamie at Home at my local cafe. It was a fantastic night, a complete success. 25 people attend, and I charged an entrance fee of £2, which included entry into the raffle. I then sold lots more raffle tickets at £2 each.

I started off the evening by giving a short speech of why I'm fundraising, but also trying to raise awareness of the disease, I don't like public speaking and was a bit nervous, but it was fine.

The aim for the evening was to have a really fun time, we played some games, plenty of wine (always goes down well), and nice refreshments to buy. The Jamie host kindly donated 20% of her earnings. The Jamie products that was purchased came over £300 spent, which meant that I could get some free products or convert it into money that can go to the charity. I decided that I didn't really need a drizzler or a tray, so the points got converted to the charity.

The total that I raised from the entrance fee and the raffle tickets and games, is £237.89. I need to add what my friends earnings are, but fairly certain we raised over £300 for the evening.

So far, my fundraising has been: table top sale £200, coffee morning £516, plus funeral flowers. Along with last night, I have raised over £1000 for PCUK. Woo hoo, my moto has been, I can't do anything to help mum anymore, but I can help people who will be affected by this terrible disease.

Best of luck and love to you all.

louie xxx

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well done louie, you certainly are driven!, i can understand the buzz you get from the success, and spreading the "word" attention, can only do good, wish i had your energy, my get up and go, seem to have gone at the mo, how are you louie, taking care of you ?

love to you, and all on here. laura xx

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That is just fantastic Louie! It sounds like a very enjoyable evening! Well Done!

Hope you & family are well...Rachel Xxxx

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi Louie,

Once again, many thanks for your determined efforts in raising awareness and money for pancreatic cancer. It is even better actually, that you did get to say a few words, as that is what lets people know what they otherwise would not have known, and word of mouth is a great way to raise awareness.

Well done again - you have some great ideas! We can all take inspiration from you.

Kind regards,


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Hi Laura and Rachel

Thanks for asking, I'm not too bad. Things have been very difficult and both myself and my son are having counselling. Which has been helpful, and made me understand why I have been doing/feeling the way I have. My son has really been affected and has shown a great deal of anger.

My relationship with my Dad has become fairly strained, which is a terrible shame and I feel an immense amount of guilt over, as mum asked me to stick by Dad. Sadly, events have taken their toll. I don't know if our relationship will get back on track, I hope it does, but I have to look after myself and my children first and foremost.

I am getting back on track though, and my fundraising is really helping me, I feel exceptionally close to Mum, whilst doing it, and that is comforting. I can't believe that its coming to 6 months since mum passed, I miss her so much, but the anger is leaving and some good memories are starting to return. I can now think of her and not cry or want to scream, I just smile.

I hope that your Dad is doing well Rachel, I read a while back that he is doing great, how are you and the family coping, enjoying the good times I'm sure.

Laura, how is Bri? I hope you had a good break in Canterbury, my husband works there. We are in north Kent.

Take care louie xxx

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hi louie, bri's doing good, tiredness biggest problem, could be due to m.s.t takes 2 x 60mg

daily, anyway hes good and life is steady, so so grateful.

enjoyed canterbury, also deal and sandwich, saw a bit of hearne bay, went to bluewater centre, twice actually!. left my purse in Starbucks? rang the next morning several places that had been in, and low and behold they had found it, wouldnt accept a reward, just asked if i would text head office, how good was that?

so yes louie, enjoyed it, oh, also went on the railway to dungeness, that was different!

louie, so very sorry to hear of your probs with dad, when you lose a family member it can cause difficulties with others, ppl grieve and have differant expectations to and from each other, see your beloved mum has gone but your dads loss is not the same as yours, but you are right, now is the time for you and your immediate family to reform, for you as the matriach now, to show the way to move forward, be kind to yourself louie, am glad that councelling seems to help, and do hope your son can also benefit so he too can move forward.

your probably younger than my daughters, but if you want "to mail" privately i have no problem my email being passed to you.

lots of love and take care, laura xx

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