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Hi there. My 58 yo dad was diagnosed about a month ago. He had a stent put in about 10 days ago to relieve the jaundice, more specifically the itching, until he meets with a team to discuss treatment options next week. He still seems to be very yellow, and the itching is still getting the better of him. I can't seem to find much information as to when he should feel results from the stenting. Has anyone had a similar experience? Are we expecting results too soon?

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Hi Sarah,

My Dad was badly jaundiced when he was diagnosed with inoperable PC. He had a metal stent put in and they said he should feel an improvement within a few days to a week but it was actually 3/4 weeks before he felt better. 10 months on from diagnose he has had no bother from the stent and jaundice free. He said the jaundice made him feel so ill.

Good luck with the treatment options, hope it goes well. I understand how you feel, as my dad is 61, so if you ever need to chat im usually on here or there is many other wonderful people here too!

Takecare Rachel x

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hi sarah, welcome, my husband was also very, very jaundiced and itchy and losing weight rapidly, cant remember how long exactly it took for the itching to abate, but two to three weeks, i think he was given some tablets for it, might be worth asking, he was diagnosed feb 2010, unsuccessfully operated on may 2010 started a trial treatment on chemo had nineteen months of treatment, tumour has been stable for quite some time, we had two shrinkages during chemo, has not been receiving chemo since nov 2011. though we see the oncologist every three months and also have a scan, we can contact them at any time if we have any concerns, hope this gives you and your dad another view on this awful cancer

best wishes to you both laura x

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Thank you Rachel and Laura. That does give me some hope. After viewing all the statistics and life expectancy online, I have had a very grim outlook. Knowing that your loved ones have survived long past the numbers I see online gives me some renewed hope.

My dad seems to have gone from being strong as a muel to looking like a sick old man. I am so scared. After a couple weeks of sobbing through sleepless nights, I am now trying to spend as much time with him as I can. Thanks so much for the information and a brighter outlook.

All the best, Sarah

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