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Research reveals how combination therapy is more effective

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New research reveals how combination therapy is more effective in treatment of pancreatic cancer

Research published online on 28 February in the journal Cancer Discovery led by Professor David Tuveson at the University of Cambridge has identified in a laboratory model how when used together nab-Paclitaxel makes Gemcitabine more effective in killing tumour cells. They discovered that paclitaxel reduces the level of the enzyme that breaks down gemcitabine in tumour cells and so increases the level of gemcitabine in tumours. This finding will help researchers optimise how the two drugs are used together to treat loaclly advanced and metastatic pancreatic cancer. Other researchers have recently reported promising results from early clinical trials with nab-Paclitaxel on its own and with Gemcitabine and a larger Phase III trial of the combination therapy is ongoing and will be reported in 2013.

For more informatin see http://bit.ly/yYQtgI and http://bit.ly/y1YS4L

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