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Re: New booklet for people newly diagnosed

Guest wstxmike

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Hello Anna,

Had the EUR yesterday, and was given the news of "staged T3N1Mx" and I am waiting for the cytology results.

I will fight as the rest of the forum has and continues too.Although the news was sobering I have been prepared for a few months.

I read Traces' story and I feel that my situation is similar. The reason are my tumor is located at the head, around the venous portal.

The Dr. told me the surjury option was not available at the time. However ,after reading Traces story I was given an uplift after seeing what is possible with chemo and radiation and the subsequent "whipple" proceedure.

Thanks again for this forum. Also I wonder if I could begin a dialouge with Trace it would be beneficial for me ,given the circumstances.

Sincerly Mike

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Hello Mike,

I'm glad to see you have joined this forum, too.

You will get lots of help and advice on here and it is

always encouraging to read other people's stories.

Best wishes,


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Hello Anne,

Lets see this is my morning and your evening,well you get my drift!

So glad to found this great forum . I hoped to contact Trace as we both share common ground as my tumor has to be shrunk before I can have surjury. So Traces' treatment and recovery story is very encouraging for me. Fact is would love to talk to Trace if at all possible..

Thanks for you good thoughts and reply.


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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Mike - I have already emailed you about this?

Did you get it?

I have emailed you Trace's contact details? Let me know if you get it, or I can send it again.

Jeni, Support Manager, PCUK.

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