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Striding for Survival- Saturday 26th


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A big thankyou to Rachel and the team for organising Saturday's event. It was a lovely route to walk and we were soblessed by the weather. Hopefully lots of money will have been raised but above all it was so special being with a group of people who had all been touched by this awful disease. I felt privileged to talk to others about their situations and I take my hat off to those who were walking when their grief is still so raw.

Having lost my mum to pancreatic cancer eleven years ago and being a five year survivor myself it has strangely been a lonely route at times even though I have always had the most fantastic support from family and friends. I have lurked on the boards for some time but now I am determined to get more involved with raising awareness and helping where I can. So I look forward to meeting you special people again at other events.

Best wishes


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Well done Margey on completing the stride. I had considered to take part in this, but to be honest I am so up in the air with my mum at the moment, I think I may do this next year, when things have settled down again.

A big congratulations on being a 5 year survivor - wow, you are few and far between, hopefully with raising much needed funds, a few more survivors of 5 years can be around in the years to come.

take care Louie xxx

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hi margey, don't know anything about your story, will have a look back on posts in a mo, can you help, my hubby bri was diagnosed last feb 2010, attempted whipples, but tumour wrapped round smv so couple of bypasses done and sewn up,started gemcap in june2010 reacted well, had two shrinkages and all stable since, had 19 months chemo and now on a "holiday" till feb 2012 when will be scanned again and reviewed. no chemo now for three weeks but seems to be feelin more tired than ever and unmotivated, is this to be expected do u know?

so sorry that you went through the stress of you mum having pc , and then to get it yourself, what a situation, our journeys are all so differant, the very best of luck to you and your future, well done, love laura xx

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Hi Margey,

Really glad to hear you enjoyed the Striding for Survival event.

I wondered if you might be interested in writing a case study for the Real life stories section of our website? http://www.pancreaticcancer.org.uk/information-and-support/real-life-stories

If you would be interested please email me at support@pancreaticcancer.org.uk

Best wishes,


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