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My Dad lost his battle


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My adored and beautiful Dad lost his battle yesterday morning.

He had decided to come off Chemo after 2 cycles as he had no quality of life. This sadly didnt improve much, after coming off chemo but he was better mentally. I am so grateful that I was able to spend the last few months with him every day looking after him with my Mum.

We are all heartbroken and our lives will never be the same. He died at home which is what he wanted and he is free.

Thanks for your support over the months everyone. I will continue to write and post, as when I feel a bit more able to cope I really am going to help but this dreadful disease on the map.

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Oh Helen I'm so sorry.

Try and take some comfort in the time you were able to spend with him and that he was at home. He knew that you loved him. I know there are no words to help the devastation you feel at the moment. I lost my dad 7 weeks ago. Am still heartbroken and life isn't the same and it never will be. But we do learn to live with it a little bit at a time.

Sending you lots of love


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dear helen, so sorry for you and family, dad is at peace, but it will take longer for those left behind to get on with life, thinking of you and sending love your way. laura xx

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