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I know its difficult for lots of people to do fundraising for a variety of reasons.

Yesterday [sat] i set a table up outside "The RANGE" having approached the manager last monday and got her ok.

i put up a table ouside, although i was offered space inside, covered it with a mauve cloth had some posters on top, two collection boxes in the middle i had a case with trolley coins [ coins needed at this store!] pens , pins and friendship bracelets,

i was there at 10.45am packed up at 3.15 and had put in the boxes £178.00.

lovely people talked to me about their experiences , not just about p.c but other prevelent cancers, i talked to them about our experiences, which have been mostly positive,

i had some lovely hugs and cuddles, was a really worthwhile experience for me and easy to do, do hope it might encourage someone else.

i am also doing another short mat bowls tournament on 26th this month at our local club have invited 16 teams from both ends of cornwall, hope to have a good day.

on sat it made me very aware of the lack of meeting places/ support groups etc any one got any ideas, are you involved with one ,or started one?

love to you all on this site, we see the oncologist on thurs and get result of last scan, bri is seriously talking of taking a break/ holiday from chemo, having had 17 months, bit scary but i understand his need to feel less tired etc.

take care laura xxx

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Hi Laura

Well done on your fundraising - simple ideas and you can make quite a bit of money. I feel that I ought to do some fundraising - and I will - you have given me inspiration to try and think of some ideas.

Coffee mornings are a good one too.

I hope it goes well with Bri's scan. I can understand how he feels - in a way it's a relief mum not having chemo anymore, I feel quite negative about it now - I feel that it wasted a month (which doesn't seem a long time, I know) of her life. I know I shouldn't feel like that, but it's hard when she does everything the doc says and she still no further forward, just living each day as it comes now.

Anyway, well done you xxxx

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Excellent Laura, well done!! I would love to do something at some stage. Its funny, I feel very passionate about getting awareness for Pancreatic Cancer, were as a few months back I had not heard tell of it.

Goodluck for the results on Thursday, hope all goes well for bri..Rachel x

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many thanks for your lovely comments and support, i was so tired after saturday, but there was satisfaction mixed with it, made me realize [ again] that i can't do what i used to, getting older isnt very clever, anyway i'm getting geared up for my next fundraising on 27th. will post again after clinic on thursday,

love to you all, keep on going, laura xxx

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi there,

One of our supporters has designed a knitting pattern, which she is selling on behalf of PCUK. See the link:


If there are any knitters out there, why not consider buying the pattern as a fun and easy way to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK? Or, organise a knitting group get together for some added fun! Just in time for Christmas too!!



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hi all, where is everyone ? no new posts anywhere. not really the appropriate place to post this, but said i would update you all. bris scan still stable, no spread of tumour and all organs clear, whew what a relief, so he has opted for a holiday from chemo, we have a scan in feb nxt yr and see oncologist on 23rd feb! next year, sounds incredible, i didnt dare hope we would see 2012 together, we should have belief that things are not always as bleak as we first feel.

i am VERY aware that so many people do not have the "luck?" that bri has had, but the reality is he can't be the only one! are there some more positive stories out there that we can share, to perhaps give some hope to others?

i know we still live with bris cancer but we have got a breather from the weekly trip to hospital for a while, i cannot thank or praise Truro oncology and chemotherapy dept for their care of us both. i know we will be back there again but for now life is a little more normal.

thinking of everyone who uses this site and especially those who are going through a difficult time

love to all laura xx

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Hi Laura..

We haven't spoken for awhile as I haven't been on the forum much, but I am very happy to hear that Bri is doing so well..it must be such a relief for you too...from your last post on this thread I think you're going to have a wonderful Christmas!

I don't have any really positive news as I'm sure you know Mum left us in august, it all happened so quickly for her we didn't stand a chance but the one thing I would say about this whole experience is, We met and have been in contact with so many amazing and positive people (yourself included!) that it has made me determined to put my time and effort into helping people with cancer that maybe don't have anyone, in my area when I am home ( work abroad ) Although my experience with PC was easily the worst thing I've ever come across, human resilience and spirit is so inspiring I HAVE to do something!!

Love and best wishes...and keep up the good work!


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hello john, nice to have you back on line, even if its briefly, thank you so much for your lovely post and good wishes,much appreciated, yes was aware your mum was no longer with you,this year will be the most difficult for you its all the first christmas, anniversaries etc that are so painful, my thoughts will be with you and all the others that have had to say goodbye to a loved one.

i am sure that whatever you can do to help someone in your area it will be appreciated, so many people have no one that can visit them, or in your case, send them a card from somewhere exotic!? it must be so scary to be alone, as so many are.

we are resilient and survivors, even when we are hurting, look after yourself and a peaceful christmas.

love and good wishes laura xx

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Hi Laura

I've had some very good advice from PCUK and Nicki about practical ways to help which I am definately going to follow up. To help others when you know what it feels like has to be done, money/cars/houses/ nothing really matters but people......

Me and my family are going to be spending Christmas in Porthleven this year, and Mum is coming with us. I hope this doesn't sound morbid but I promised Mum I'd take her back this summer just passed but unfortunately time was against us when she was alive, and there is a certain place where I know she will be happy to rest. Maybe then my mind will rest abit too.

Best wishes to you and Bri x

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hello john

what a lovely idea to bring mum to somewhere that she was fond of, i do hope this will be of help to you as well, try to take your time and be patient in having to adjust to a different family heirachy, we can have more than one husband/wife but only ever one mum or dad, so your bound to feel very sad , you obviously had a good relationship with her and you are so lucky, some people never experience that love for/from a parent.

i hope you and your family have an enjoyable time in peaceful cornwall,it will be a very differant christmas for you, but a lot of us will experience that as well for various reasons.

i hope your much loved mum will enjoy her resting place, have a safe journey john and take care, love and hugs to all your family, lauraxxx

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