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Blue scorpion treatment


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Hi all,

I haven't posted for a while... My mum is still with us, thankfully, and has been able to spend some precious time with her grandson Isaac, who's 11 weeks old tomorrow and just lovely.

Mum is coming to the end of her 7th cycle of chemo - apparently she has responded very well to the treatment (her third scan showed a further reduction in the size of the tumours, although the good news was delivered rather cack-handedly as the first version of the report mistakenly compared the scan results with those of the first, pre-op scan, rather than the second one - in fact we're still waiting for a final, correct version of the report, which considering the scan was weeks ago is outrageous - but that's another story!). The cumulative side effects are really starting to take their toll though. She's been feeling more and more tired - she still has the occasional better day, but more often than not she spends the whole day in bed. It looks as though she'll have one more cycle (her specialist nurse was a bit vague about it when I spoke to her) and presumably after that she'll be monitored with regular scans and given more chemo if the cancer starts to grow again...?

My boyfriend and I are planning to get married in January, it's all a bit of a rush but we really want her to be able to come. Can we expect her to 'bounce back' a little after the chemo finishes, in anyone's experience?

Also, a couple of friends of the family have been talking about this treatment based on blue scorpion venom - Escozul or Escozine. Does anyone know anything about it? I know it sounds like quackery but some trials do seem to have been carried out with positive results...

Any thoughts very gratefully received.

Charlotte x

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