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A good friend of mine has recently been diagnosed with PC. They thought it would be operable but sadly it has spread to the liver so they were unable to operate.

One option that she is considering is Folfirinox and she has asked me to find out whether anyone has any experience to share. I'm very grateful for any information, particularly regarding success (or otherwise) and side-effects.

Many thanks, Gill

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Hi Gill,

My husband is about to start on a course of FOLFIRINOX after being on the SCALOP trial for PC which didn't work. His cancer has spread to his liver and this is the option he has been given to give him more time. If you look on my post "Steve's cancer has spread to his liver" you will see the helpful answers I've received so far. We have been told it is very toxic and the patient needs to be really strong to cope with it. In Steve's case we are waiting for results of a kidney test to see if his one kidney is functioning well enough to cope. We were given some Macmillan info sheets by the hospital on the various drugs involved. You and your friend should have a good look at them, they are quite detailed. May I wish you and your friend the best of luck - and a hug, Diane xx

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Hi Diane,

Thank-you for your helpful reply, it was much appreciated.

I hope Steve is able to have the treatment and that it goes well. It seems like we'll be on a similar path so please keep in touch.

Wishing you both all the best, Gill x

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi Gill,

FOLFIRINOX is a combination that is now being offered on the strength of a French trial, which showed promising results.

It is a combination of 3 drugs - 5 Fluorouracil, Oxaliplatin and Irinotecan. These drugs have been used and are currently being used in the UK for the treatment of bowel cancer. They are good drugs, but we don't often use the 3 together in treating bowel cancer. There is evidence that good results have been shown when it is used in pancreatic cancer. The person needs to be very fit (other than the cancer, of course), and very compliant and quick to contact the hospital if they feel unwell. The drugs have several side effects, some unique to the individual drug, some which can be seen in several types of chemotherapy.

At the moment, the treatment is not widely used for PC in the UK, but I think more and more hospitals are offering it now.

If you require further information or information on the side effects, then please contact us at support@ email address.


Jeni, PCUK Support Manager.

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Hi Gill, and Jeni,

The good news is that Steve has been deemed fit enough for the FOLFIRINOX chemo. He's just spent another 4 days in hospital trying to control his pain, and they seem to have managed this by prescribing Ketorolac, first with a syringe driver, and now with tablets to bring home. They have to monitor him closely because of only having one kidney. They have suggested giving him a nerve block by endoscopic guidance to replace the Ketorolac.Any advice on that would be much appreciated please Jeni.

He is also on OxyNorm concentrate 4mls every 4 hours and on the hour in between if needed. We are meeting with the Nurse Led clinic on Thursday to discuss the chemo, with a view to Steve having a PICC line fitted on Monday and the chemo starting on Tuesday. I will keep you updated Gill on how it goes. Our hospital is xx and they have had favourable results with the FOLFIRINOX regime. As Steve was given 3 months without any chemo we are keeping fingers crossed that he will be able to tolerate it and it will give him some more time.

Love to both, Diane xx

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