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Hi Lyn

It was on at 11.15 - you may be able to see online??? It was very informative - although not once did they mention chronic diahhroah - which is a major issue for my mum. They even mentioned that maybe Apple could bring awareness and that hardly any r&d or funds are put into this - Well done This Morning - big thumbs up x

louie x

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Just watched the this morning interview with Dan Blake, and was in tears the whole way through, all the symptoms they went through, yes, great, highlight what to look for, but .... If you visit the GP 4 TIMES!! And A&E 3 TIMES with ALL of those symptoms and they still send you away without an examination?

What hope have you got??

Just because your NOT overweight, NOT a smoker, and NOT over 60, then you must be complaining for nothing?!

I'm very very angry

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I totally agree with lynbo,great to hear of PC and it's statistics being highlighted.

But in my view not enough emphasis on early detection,and misdiagnosis by g.p's.

I was dissapointed with Dr Chris's statement about heavy drinking, smoking, and being overweight and 60 plus,this gives people the impression that a healthy lifestyle will prevent pc.

My husband(50)didn't drink or smoke.

Many people have lost friends and relatives under 60.

However another small step.

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Hi - mints

Thanks for the support, again, as I say, there is a lot of emphasis on the signs to look for, but.... Maybe the GP should be being more informed rather than the sufferers.

I agree that it's hard to detect, but a bigger picture needs looking at, someone who never visits the docs, doesn't drink, smoke, is under 40, and fit, BUT has persisted with the same problems for 2 months to GP & A&E? Shouldn't there be a traffic light system?

Lots of people I've contacted in my area, through this site, and through the local hospice, have not fell into the statistical bracket Dr Steele speaks of.

In fact 2 out of the 15 plus people were over 60?

And that's only what I know!

Youngest being 27.

It just makes me angry, I felt like Dan Blake was the better person to explain the story, as, he had lived the nightmare first hand, but, at least he was another voice speaking up for PC


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