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Hi ,

my Dad has been newly diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer I know little more. Ilive in Australia and and just waiting on a prognosis all the information that I am obsessively reading looks very bleak on other webites.

very glad I stumbled across this website.

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Hi Mandy

I'm so sorry to hear of your dad's diagnosis. I think that waiting and wondering what will happen next is probably the most worrying time because you feel so powerless. I am also in Australia and my husband was diagnosed with PC in late January this year. I posted a message about his diagnosis in that section of the forum if you are interested.

It's true that much of what you read about PC can be quite overwhelming and depressing and in the past six months i have done a lot of research to educate myself as muh as possible about the disease. I have found this site and the forum really helpful because you can read personal stories about real people and share their experiences with various treatments and how they and the people they love, are coping both physically and emotionally with the roller coaster that is this disease. I find that although i rarely post on the site, i feel less isolated and less afraid when I read that others are experiencing what we are...and many do outlive the prognosis of their oncologists.

I hope you and your family are getting the support you need. i found that I needed to be very assertive, particularly at the start of my husband's treatment, to ensure that all of our questions were answered, so don't be afraid to do just that. I'm not sure that we have the same level of support in Australia that they seem to have in the UK. As we live in a country region, we have had to travel significant distance for various treatments and that has not been easy.

I am thinking of you and hope all your questions will be answered very soon.


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Hi Susie,

Thank yoy for your eply. Still waiting on test results very distressing for my whole family. I have decided to leave and head home to Wales this Monday . Its awful being this far away and hearing my mother and brother struggle with this unknown monster.

Thanks again

Love Mandy

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