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Race for Life Newcastle


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I have just completee the race for life at Newcastle and have raised £150 towards cancer research, my darling mum who i sadly lost to pc in Jan 2011 would have been so proud of me. Hope she is looking down on me today. Love and miss you loads mum xxx

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Thanks so much Pam. It has been a really tough 6 months since losing Mum. I don't feel it is getting any easier to cope with and just wish it hadn't happened as it has just destroyed our happy lives. My poor dad is distraught, he is just like a poor lost soul without Mum, I feel angry as she was only 64 and still had so much to give to life. Today was my first race for life and I couldn't believe how many people running had lost more than 1 person to cancer. This whole experience has really opened my eyes to life and how cruel it can be to the kind and caring people it always seems to take. Lets hope and pray that one day they will find a cure or a prevenative medicine for this cruel disease.

take care and hope you are keeping ok.

Love Margaret


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Dear Margaret

Hope your bearing up, just saw this post, well done!

I know what you mean, when I done the 23 mile PCUK walk, it's very sad to see everyone who has been effected by it.

Just wanted to let you know was thinking of you xx

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Hi Lyn

Thanks so much for your message. Trying to cope but finding it so difficult, i am still 6 months down the line finding it hard still to comprehend what has happened. i am sure the pain will ease but at the moment i can't see it. Take care and hope you are coping ok.

love margaret

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