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HI All

I havent posted on here since Mums funeral in Feb 11 as found it was just too upsetting for me. I thought my dad and I were coping relatively ok until yesterday. He rang me on my mobile crying hysterically, saying that he couldnt get hold of mum on the phone, he just had a totally memory loss of mums illness, death, funeral, his counselling sessions everything. I rushed to his house, he was very confused saying he thought mum was still alive and had gone away for a couple of days. After about an hour, slowly things started to come back to him about mums death. It was so distressing to witness him like this. We took him to see docs last night, they tested his bloods, heart sounds, mini memory test, all of which were normal. They just thought it was all the emotion of mums death and what she sufferered in the hospital etc,they offered him anti-depressants, which he didnt want to take. Does anyone know if this is common for total memory loss for 5 or 6 hours. He obviously knew to ring me and my brother and recognised us straight away.

I am so worried thinking this may happen again and next time he may be driving or out of the house. Today he seemed ok maybe not his normal self. He had no recollection of speaking to me and my brother on the phone yesterday before I arrived at his house.

I would be grateful for any advice.

luv margaret


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Hi margaret

Well, my counsellor told me of a similar situation whilst he was explaining different 'paths of grief'

But you are the first person I've heard experience this, well - your dad bless him.

I've looked on the Internet and it's like a state of shock, a delayed reaction? How awful, and I know you must have been frantic.

I know it's not the same, but I often dream that Andys here and everything ok? Then I wake up and it takes me ages to get my head round it? It's like your brain won't accept it?

I hope your dad gets past this period, I know it's hard on you all.


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Hi Lyn

Thanks very much for your kind words of advice. I am keeping a very close eye on him at the moment. I am going to go up to see him tonight to see if it was a dream or something that triggered it but i am praying it will be just a one off and he won't have a repeat episode.

Thanks once again

Luv margaret xx

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No problems Margaret

I was at counseling today and as I'm going through a rough patch at the min we talked, again, bout the 'stages' of grief, the counsellor said it's like the brain cannot control the hurt and shock, it's like a delayed reaction, and although scary, it's not uncommon.

Take care, hope it's a one off for your dad xxxxx

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