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How long between biopsy and follow up appointment


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Hi, mother in law had some blood tests a month or so back, that showed high liver counts, and was then given an ultrasound - not sure what this revealed (but they couldnt see gallbladder etc), so she was booked for a CT scan a week after, the following week she had to go for a pancreas biopsy, and the specialist said it could be cancer, or it could be a number of other things, the follow up appointment after the biopsy is booked for 4 weeks after the biopsy happened - to me, this hopefully means there was no sign of cancer in the biopsy? I would imagine as this form of cancer is aggressive, they would have acted on it ASAP - but just wanted some input on others experiences? She is quite a nervy person, so is sitting stewing at the moment - so any words of advise will be greatly appreciated (i did read that some people are diagnosed with a CT scan, and start chemo just from that - so hopefully this is another good sign? The follow up appointment is with the same HeptoBiliary specialist, and no mention of oncology etc?

The CT scan did show some enlarged organs (not sure how many, but at least the pancreas and possibly liver), so there is something wrong, but we are hoping it is a stone or cyst or such like... She is struggling to eat at the moment, and has gas etc, but I guess these are symptoms of a not fully functional pancreas, rather than a specific problem with it.

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear your mother-in-law is having some problems. I can't help you with the time scale for appointments (it seems to vary from hospital to hospital) but I really do sympathise with the waiting part of things. That's always the worst because everything just goes round and round in your head and it is so frustrating. Once you know something, you can get on and deal with it.

Let's hope that the news is good and there is nothing too serious going on. Let us know how things go.

Best wishes


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So sorry to hear of your nervous wait to hear results. From my experience, medical staff say very little early on, leaving you to your imagination and to searching on the internet, which can be terrifying. If you are unhappy with the length of time you are waiting and are concerned, then I would suggest getting on the phone to medical staff and chase, chase, chase. Don't be afraid about coming across as a pain, you are entitled to know what you are dealing with as soon as possible in order that a course of treatment can get started to relieve the symptoms and to relieve the anxiety of not knowing.

Good luck and best wishes


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Thanks or your best wishes - my wife called her mother's GP today and said how nervy etc she is, and within an hour, she got a phone call from the hospital who have asked her to go see the consultant tomorrow - so it looks like a little nagging may have sped up the process - fingers crossed for good news tomorrow!

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OK - MIL has been told she has Non Hodgkins Lymphoma - which in some ways is a relief, as they thought it may be PC - I believe the outlook for NHL is much better. Off to see Oncologist this afternoon, as Chemo will be starting either this week or next.. I think they mentioned 4 months will be needed - and she should start to feel a lot better after the start of it....

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PCUK Nurse Jeni

Hi There,

You are absolutely correct -non-hodgkins lymphoma is very treatable indeed and responds excellently to chemotherapy.

It is a much "better" diagnosis than pancreatic cancer, that is for sure.

Hope your mil gets on really well with the chemo -she will almost certainly start to feel better after one cycle!!

Best wishes,

Jeni, PCUK.

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