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New laser treatment for pancreatic cancer called Photo Dynam


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Seen in the Sunday Express on 10th April 2011 is an article by Martin Halle, describing a new laser treatment called Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT). It is a concentrated treatment that precisely targets the tumour and has no side effects unlike chemotherapy and radiotherapy and has so much potential because it does not involve surgery. It works by injecting patients with dye which is carried to the tumour through blood. Cancer cells are destroyed when the dye is exposed to a red laser light. It is performed by placing hollow needles into the pancreas through the abdomen. The red laser light is directed through the hollow needles inserted into the pancreas to the marked cancer cells. The cells are effectively destroyed with little damage to the surrounding tissue.

Safety trials have just been completed and a major trial involving treatment of 300 patients is about to commence. The trial I think is at the University College London Hospital who are still recruiting patients for the trial. Doctors can be contacted via killingcancer.co.uk whom have done much of the research and treatment using PDT, and also financed it.

I hope some of you will find this information useful


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