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Reading Half Marathon 2011


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Dear All,

I attended the Reading Half Marathon yesterday as I was meant to run but then got injured so got to be a Marshal instead.

I think yesterday was one of the best days in quite a while for me.

The amount and variation of people running truly was inspirational!

I also got to meet some amazing Marshals for PCUK , even if very briefly , it felt so wonderful to be amongst people like that,

I feel like there is something connecting all of us.

'Unfortunately' I didn't get to help out a whole lot as I run off to the start of the race, since four of my friends were running

(I had planned the whole thing for us to run in memory of my mother, and then the doctor said I cant ><)

and I didn't come back till after the race (sorry about that people).

However, I did get to take many photos, also of other runners for PCUK, and I would be happy to send/upload them.

The fundraising site is still going if any of you wish to have a look:


all I can say is I cannot wait till the next big run I can join in!

Thank you to everyone, you have truly moved me.

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PCUK Nurse Jeni


It was lovely to meet you yesterday and thank you so much for your help! I'm glad that you enjoyed the day!

Everyone at PCUK wants to thank all of the runners who took part and the marshals that did such a fantastic job in the baggage tent! And I really enjoyed meeting everyone as well.

Please in particular thank your friends that ran the race and if you can send some photos to fundraiser@pancreaticcancer.org.uk that would be great.

Best wishes,


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