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An Introduction and some Fundraising Ideas


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Hello dear forum folks,

I'm Lo and I'd like to thank the administrator for allowing me to join this informative board.

I hope to get to know some folks here but the first thing I noticed was how it could be difficult to frighten those who post in the board regarding their relatives who are currently ailed with this silent killer that is Pancreatic Cancer by speaking of our loved ones that have sadly passed from this already. This would likely give them no hope at all :|

My dear and beloved father passed from this in 2008. Perhaps untypically, he passed after just a short few months of diagnosis.

It's time now for me to apply myself in more practical ways and I started today by promoting this very website on Facebook and asking friends to repost the link.

I'm open to all fundraising ideas and sponsored walks sound like a gentle way to ease folk into some of this fundraising so in time, I hope to provide more ideas and information.

God bless, one and all,

Lo x

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Hi Lo

I'm doing the striving for survival walk on May 7th.

23 miles!

All money to PCUK.

I've been training for a month now, have roped in family members too!

I walk about 8 miles 3 or 4 times a week.

As soon as it gets lighter nights I will do more in one day.

Spread the word!


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