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happy sunday evening!


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Hello everyone, I'm just trying to fill in my sunday evening and keep my mind busy for a wee while - and away from thoughts re my biopsy tomorrow! I can feel the anxiety tingling in my fingers and doing funny things to my tummy and just need to ride the storm 'til its all over. My husband is on nightshift tonight so its me and the kids all night long, they're outside playing just now the school is closed tomorrow so they can play out a little later!

Hope you are all keeping well and thinking positively! I have been telling all my family how pleased I am to have found such a lovely website with lovely people from all walks of life going through similar experiences and sharing our ups and downs along the way. I've found it so therapeutic to type my worries away (well almost) at night it's like keeping an online diary of events and helps me to put it all in a box and close the lid when I switch the pc off. Does anyone else feel like this? Maybe I'm just wierd!

Anyhow I must type too fast because I've only been on 5 mins and prob written too much! Must learn to type slower and keep myself busy for longer next time.

Have a nice Mayday when it comes.



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Typing out your thoughts and then closing the box is a great way of coping. I can understand how it works for you. I did a course at work a few years ago and I remember as part of it we had a session with a psychologist. I mentioned to him that sometimes I got a bit over-anxious and took other people's troubles too much on board (my team members) and he advised me to do exactly that - write up notes and file them away. Apparently it's how psychiatrists deal with seeing so many people with different troubles all day long and not take their work home with them. Hope that made sense... I've had a large glass of red wine tonight. :D

Anyway, I wish you all the best for your biopsy tomorrow. Will be thinking about you.

Thanks for asking after my dad on the other thread - he's doing ok. Pretty steady at the moment, just sleeping a lot today.

Take care.


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