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Triphala - has anyone heard of benefits?


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My dad has been recently diagnosed with pc, he is only 58. I am desperately trying to find something new to grab on to that may fight this disease, I have heard about a herb called Triphala, has anyone had any experience of this?


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There was a report on the BBC news website a few months ago that it had a positive impact on human pancreatic cells implanted in mice. I have been trying to find out if anyone knows more since then but without success. I suspect that that is as far as research has got. I did buy some Tripahala (it seems to be a common Indian herbal tonic) for about 12 for a bottle of 250 tablets) but havent dared give it to my father (who was diagnosed in april) as he is presently on chemo (gemcitabine only). We are keeping it it reserve..

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Hi, that was the report I had seen, I also like you have the triphala but my mum doesn't want to give him anything that would interfere with the chemo, he is also on the same regime as your dad. He has two more chemo sessions and then will be re-scanned - I hope your dad is coping well with his treatment. I recently read about the positive effects of tomatoes on pancreatic cancer there is a vitamin available in boots i think its called lyco something sorry I dont know the full name and I know the hospital pharmacists said this was ok with the regime. Hope to hear from you

take care,


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