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Digestion problems following Whipples Procedure


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I have been surprised by the gut issues I have now, following Whipples Operation for early stage Pancreatic Cancer in June this year. As a nurse I have quite a good understanding of the physiology of the body but did not expect the level of change to my body after this surgery. I suffer excessive wind, diarrhoea or very unstable bowel function. I take Creon capsules every time I eat, but do not find them that helpful ( 1-3, 35,000 unit capsules). Does anyone have any advice for me?

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Hi there.

I had similar problems to yourselves. It is a year and 3 weeks since I had whipple,  I was told before that sometimes the stomach doesn't kick back in straight away, doctors didn't know why this was, mine took 8 months to really start functioning  I suffered with real pain after any meal and had to lay down for an hour, then I was fine. Now it happens now and again but everything seems OK. I take croon like yourself  but a lot more. Depending on size of meal, can take 8 with evening meal and 2 with coffee 5 with snack, I was told in hospital that you can't overdose on them. Without them I struggle to keep weight on

 I also take 2 omeprazole a day. I am sure your symptoms will subside like mine. It will take longer.  Hope this helps.

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Similar to my brother 74 after his Whipple op. He took a lot longer than average for his digestion system to kick in. He was on intravenous liquid food bags, two weeks, and delays before his drain could be removed. It was about 3 months, (with creon) which he thought "2 per meal was sufficient" on raising it to 5 and he became more normal in the bowl dept which made him much more confident. He was troubled with the daily gas. I know of quite few who take ompreprazle which help digestion. I would discuss the ompreprazle with Consultant. 

His digestion worked much better bearing in mind the long surgery, and ate small but often plentiful foods. His appetite was good. His discomfort then being his discomfort of the tummy scarring- (when digestion eventually got going). 

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